Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Logitech UE

This actually appears to be the Euro version of the box. It does not use Squeezebox, or its app. There is a different app called SmartRadio. There's a PC app which lets you control the radio, including setting up a music library which can stream from your PC. Some apps are available on the radio:

The search for radio stations seems faster and is more graphical than the Squeezebox.  It doesn't deal with microwave interference any better than the Squeezebox. One marketing thing they did well is they include the rechargeable battery. One Marketing FAIL is they didn't make the stickers on the screen or on the big dial easy to remove.

I guess this one will stay in the kitchen and I'll move the Squeezebox which was in there to the bathroom and sync it to the bedroom's.

But it won't sync to the Squeezebox or the Squeezebox app. Probably better for susandennis to get a refurb Squeezebox at Overstock.


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