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Entertainment Sunday

Drove to Redwood City, had a snack at The Melt (grilled swiss with bacon) and went to see the third and final reading of Sexbot 2600 at the Dragon theater. Over the course of three weeks, with changes by the playwright each week, most things improved, some stayed the same. He added two words to the end of a many-times repeated line (repetitive testing of software games was a theme) which made it so much better. The company CEO is the Bad Guy, he's a lot more crude and abrasive than anyone I know who has the smarts and personality to develop computer games. Casting was flipped from what I'd have done - the sexy blonde played the QA tester nerdling, while the woman of size played the sexbot.

But all in all, a well written show, and do-able in a theater with more access to special effects. Of the three shows I saw, The Killing Jar was the most suited for a Dragon production. I still don't know where the name comes from. Nobody gets killed. There are no jars. Possibly, since it is set in the Vietnam War era, and two of the characters was in a war, it is a mistaken reference to the Plain of Jars.

After the play and a feedback session, I went across the street to the 20-plex and saw Ironman3 3D. Pretty good, but I think they went a bit too far in making the heroes fallible and the villains indestructible. I lie what they did with Pepper's character, but I don't think her one-night-stand rival was nearly pretty/sexy enough. Ben Kingsley does it again - incredible character acting job. Didn't know it was him till they showed the final credits. Which, BTW, were the best final credits concept I've seen in years. The Easter Egg was almost worth staying through 9 minutes of boring B&W credits to see. The house was half full, only 7 of us stayed.

Home, completely forgetting to stop off somewhere and get a new food dish for Domino. Oh wait, 7 pm on a Sunday the pet stores are closed.

Dinner was steamed dim sum (Ha gow & Sui Mai) with celery & hummus & PNB appetizer.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work (early team meeting)
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