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Work - 9am team meeting with the Belgium guys on the conference line, first time in about a month. Good people, great to have them in the meeting.
Made some progress on Friday's coding and multi tasked a follow-on script.

Lunchtime I went to the new Walgreen's and they no longer stock Breathe-Rite. Instead they have silicone inserts for nostrils, connected by a silicone sting-like object. Got some polident, and started to have an insulin reaction (not enough breakfast, too much high-test insulin). Bought some glucose tablets, and went to Boston Market next door for lunch. Ordered the full rack of ribs. They were like what I imagine would be served at school lunch. Tasted okay, but looked not fresh and a bit overcooked. The corn bread got my Hgl up, by the end of lunch I was feeling okay.

Petco after work to replace the food bowls for D&K's nightly kitty crack.

Home, Kaan had pooped in the bedroom. Chased him out, sprayed the no-go stuff around and at him. Sad that banning him from the bedroom also bans Domino, but she only spends a couple of hours on the bed at night anyway.

Email from SC Players pointing me to the pdfs for scripts of two shows they will be doing next season. The one I wanted most to direct they have already chosen a director for. If it's who I think, it will be a scream, and I may even try out for Teddy. I printed out the first script, and left the house for BASFA with the second one still printing.

Full house at the meeting, which meant a lot of side conversations, but also a lot of announcements and reviews and puns. El Presidente was on a roll all evening, more witty than he has been in a while.

Auction time I bought a set of 4 kid-sized stuffed plushie super-hero dolls. Home, boxed them up to go to my newest nephew on the other coast. He is <1year old, so his folks will probably hold on to them until he's old enough to not choke on the capes or eat them.

Saw Kaan eating out of half of the food tower while Domino was eating out of the other half. She walked away and let him have it to himself. A step up from swatting at him.

So, I have scripts to read tonight.

Plans for tomorrow:
Finish reading scripts. Email the theater which one(s) I would be open to directing. I've directed for them before, successfully, so they said they don't need to interview me.
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