Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Bullet Point Day

  • Work:Worked on that second script. Took me 2 days. Boo
  • Lunchtime
    • Dropped of a package at the PO with the BASFA auction winnings, headed for my only American-born nephew
    • Took a picnic lunch to the former Agnews funny farm, later bought and restored to its former glory by Sun, which is now Oracle
  • More work: finished that second script, felt like I had been in a war
  • Safeway, groc
  • Home, put stuff away, mostly frozen foods. My freezer compartment is full, couldn't close the door till I removed one of the TV dinners I'd bought for diner.
  • Read the rest of 4 Weddings and an Elvis. I've thrown my hat into the ring to direct it. Now I'm not so sure. Very hard to cast.
  • 7-11 picked up the Squeezebox radio from amazon locker
  • Logitech web site said there was a way to upgrade my Squeezebox radios to UE. Also said it was reversible. I did. And I did.
  • Wrote this

All evening I have been "training" Kaan to stay out of the bedroom.  He almost gets it.

Plans for tomorrow:


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