Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

So much for trust

Morning: opened the PC to see why the USB 3.0 adapter is not making a data connection with anything. Thought it might be no power connection, but there was one, which had two bits which were not needed. Maybe it's the cable. Ordered a 3.0 compliant extension cable. May need to hit up Fry's for 3.0 compatible phone/camera cables. 

Work: finished three scripts. Very tedious work. It looks like it will be months before I get to do audio/video again. :-(

Lunch with Automation Guy at the Sushi Ave place. Salmon somethingyaki was okay, a little dry, but better than cloyingly sweet terriyaki. Sashimi was good.

Straight home from work. Litterbox refills were at the door in a box 3x as large as they needed. WTF? Wag.com usually does their own packing, this was in a generic box, shipped by UPS.

After keeping the bedroom door closed for two days & nights, I left it open today. Kaan pooped in there again. :-(

Good thing I have a carpet steamer/scrubber.

Finished yesterday's pizza for dinner.  Watched the last of 3 segments of the Tony awards. Many of the presenters were total WTFs. Felt cheated that they only showed the winners of most of the technical awards, shot previously, and only 10 seconds each. Did not really care who won, except Kinky Boots? Gag me.

Renewed my lease for another 6 months. Probably will move then - paying WAY too much rent with the $200 increase. Just not wise to move in July when current lease expires until I find out if work is moving. That's 3+ months away.

Registration for the new car arrived, but not the plates. I thought the dealership would be holding onto them for me to collect, but sales rep says no.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. More tedious scripting
Something after work. Don't know what 
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