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Midnight, not a sound from the pavement

Started out okay, I remembered to take the HUGE cardbard box (broken down) and the litterbox cartridges to the dumpster. Remembered to pack a lunch because I was taking time at lunchtime to have my nails done.

Forgot that at noon-ish the diabetes doctor was supposed to call for an update, so I did not have my Hgl or BP numbers, and couldn't remember them for shit. I know my last two days of home BP readings were off the chart. Doc says come in for a BP screening so I do the math and I can have my nails done, nip home and print out the data and grab the BP meter then go to the screening in Mountain View and still have time to get back to work.

At the time I need to leave for the manicure, I get wrapped up in some coding foo, rush out to the car Just In Time for my tummy to tell me to go back inside and check the plumbing. On my way back I phone the nails place and tell them I'll be 10 minutes late. Turned out to be 15. But Michelle of Michelle's was in the back room finishing lunch and waiting for me. She is gorgeous, and was wearing a cowl neck sweater which showed off enough to be "hey, my eyes are up here" and "but your cleavage is down there".

I'm sure she's married, because she wears a diamond solitaire on each ring finger.

From there to the nearby UPS store, suspenders have arrived. Then home, fire up the PC, download the latest data from my meters, print it out and zoom down Central Expressway to MV.

The BP screening is simple. You wait for 10 minutes, they take a reading. If it is good, you're done, if not, one more 10-minute time out and another reading. While I was waiting I took a reading on my meter, and it was high. Not way high but "wait 10 minutes" high. Called into the test seat, perfectly normal reading. WTF?

Since I had the data printed out I went downstairs to drop it off with Diabetes doc, but he was in and was free to do a full review. Bottom line: my home meter is defective, and I need to drop one of my hypertension meds.

Back to work, managed to get some stuff done on the next very complex test script. Stayed till after 6, part of it researching BP meters online. Stopped off at Fry's to look at USB 3.0 cables and BP meters. They had many brands, 2 or 3 models each, but not the ones I'd researched. Phone alarm goes off - reminding me I was planning on going to Palo Alto for a very special concert. Reilly & Maloney. The story goes like this:
 I was at the Seattle Center, it was one of the first Folk Life Festivals, 1971 or 1972, and I was walking along minding my own business when I heard some beautiful guitar music and singing coming from one of the stages, where there were two young redheads musicking away. The words and music both held me, for their whole set. And that was them. I collected an LP or two over the next dozen years, then they split up. They were married, but not to each other. Reilly lived in the Seattle area, Maloney in th SF Bay area. After another 20 years, I see a notice (I am back in the Pacific North-wet at this time) that Maloney will be playing at Folklife. I go, and the program says Reilly may be there. Or maybe Maloney said it. She didn't come out to play, as I recall.

But then they started doing mini tours in small venues.  I missed one at the somethingGraden in San Jose, made the mistake of thinking there would be seats available at the door. Went to the next one, though. And three more since, one in a church in Mountain View, I forget the second one, and this one in a church in  Paly.

It was 86° outside, hotter inside (nobody knew how to turn on the aircon), but the place is a circular pavilion with several openable doors, so it wasn't too bad. They played some new pieces, but most of the applause was for the old ones. Palo Alto Cowboy was a sing-along, I only saw three or four people not singing.

Lots of applause, well deserved. Two things I missed is Ginny Reilly did not play the piano, and David Maloney did not break out his uke and sing the Marlene Dietrich classic Falling in Love Again. After the show I told him I had snagged that as an audition piece, and he said they were going to do it tonight but he forgot the uke. Or something. His version is low-key like Marlene's, which makes it all the more hilarious coming from a Senior Citizen™. He gender bent a line to make it more poignant:
"Girls cluster to me like moths around a flame
And if their wings burn I know I'm not to blame"

Maybe next time.

Home, had a dinnerette of frozen pot roast, while watching Restaurant Stake-Out.

Plans for tomorrow:
I have no clue
Pick up another package at UPS
Unload the dryer and put away the whites
I suppose I could go to Vallejo for Pirate Fest, but that's a long way to drive
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