Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Zzzzzzs acquired

Was up well past 2 am, several distractions after the concert. Alarm went off at 7, should not have done that on a Saturday. Back to sleep, Awake for real at about 10. Let the cats into the bedroom, turned on the bedroom TV and settled in to watch. Domino jumped up on the bed first, parked lower right. Kaan took the upper left pillow, and decided to dig at whatever was under it. There wasn't anything.

Domino put up with having some mats cut out of her. She has an incredibly fine undercoat and lately has given up on grooming anything except her paws. Things get too tangled too easily.

Went online, looked at Consumer Reports for BP monitors and their analysis is whacked. Meters I know are trash they gave excellent ratings to. OEM meters from Rite Aid and CVS were near the top, behind the defective model I just threw out.

Found one which looks like a cell phone, has a docking station, and an app for grabbing the data. Most of the meter companies have killed their USB-connectible products. Boo Hiss. The data is in the machine's memory, no reason not to make it available to a spreadsheet.

Anyhow, walmart web site says they have it, so I put Walmart on my todo list.

But first there was the long-delayed sweeping of the patio. 5 months of leaf blowers made the patio a minefield of crunchy leaves. So I went out there and swept, and discovered that it wasn't just leaves, there was a thick layer of fine dirt. Took about an hour to get the place sort of swept. Probably also needs to be mopped.

I let Domino out there for a while, she confirmed there was no way out for her, but I think Kaan can leap the wall. Not sure I am ready to see. Maybe tomorrow I'll go to the nursery and pick up a bunch of window boxes and hummingbird-friendly plants to put up on the wall to make it less jump-able.

Waiting at the newest Starbucks for Janice. We chat once a week when we are both in town.

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