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Packed and Ready

Work was frustrating today. My script relies on a 3rd party app and we ran out of licenses. :-(

Lunchtime was a result to my last dream last night. The dream: I was taking a few pieces of fried chicken out of the microwave. Really hungry, and this was the Cure. Then I woke up, and was totally disoriented because "where's my fried chicken?" So lunch was at KFC.

Was having some mild anxiety about flying. A brilliant post by ace pharmacist hsifyppah a while ago cautioned against using expired drugs, so I went online and looked up the shelf life info for the generic Valiums I have left over from surgery a few years ago. 12/2008, to be precise. The expiry date on the label (scrawled by the pharmacy) was a year after issue, but online sources said 3 years and 5 years. So I looked up the manufacturer and found that these are so old that the company which made them was bought by an Israeli company and it is now made in the Czech Republic with different markings and a different color. So I'm not risking it. Dramamine is probably a better idea anyway.

Came straight home from work, parked myself on the patio and threw Kaan's security blanket, which the Humane Society gave me saying "it's HIS" but he hasn't used since, and put it on the floor by the wall. Domino eventually parked herself on the chair next to mine, Kaan sat on the blanket. They both did a lot of wandering around, while I read.

Last night I loaded up the Kindle, which was empty, with two of an Alan Dean Foster trilogy, one Margaret Atwood and Through A Scanner Darkly.  

Dinner was pot pie (beef). Have not had dessert. Need to slice the three bananas and freeze them before they rot. 

Packed. Everything except what needs to wait till morning, and even that is all staged for quick packing. Looks like rain and 10° colder than down here, so I'll wear my Sharks jacket. Maybe pack my lightweight Supersonics windbreaker. Found jeans which will not fall down when they make me take off my belt for no good reason. Found the plastic belt buckle and put it on a belt which fits, but had to widen the holes. Been wearing suspenders and loose-fitting pants lately, but that doesn't work in the TSA line.

My favorite park-and-fly went out of business, so I looked online and found that almost all the other places charge less anyway. The hotel of the two humping sheep will valet park my ride for < $10 a day, so I made reservations.

Pulled out my portable GPS and updated the firmware and maps. Took more than an hour. Now it is charging.

Plans for tomorrow:

Morning stuff
Last-minute packing
Park at Doubletree
Shuttle to SJC
Fly to SEA
Rental car to Poulsbo
Check into the Poulsbo Inn
Hang out
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