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Relax AM, Life Celebration PM

Woke up at 5, feeling low Hgl symptoms. Meter said 90 which meant lower, and low for me. Had a couple of oreos, back to bed.
Slept in, watched TV in bed, caught up online with FB, LJ, G+.  Morning stuff, Hgl up to 111, which is excellent for 11 am. Heated up a Safeway chicken and dumplings soup, took it out onto the patio and had lunch there with Domino on the chair and Kaan finally settling on the cat bed. Set up the Kindle to read while I ate, and it was hard to see. Open shade, but not enough light. I had to lie it flat.

After lunch went inside, hear a yell from Domino, she followed me in - Kaan had taken over her chair. Amazon, ordered a Kindle Paperwhite. It has a built-in light. Though about getting a Fire, but 8 hours of battery life is a FAIL, and I don't want a tablet.

Back out to the patio, finished reading Alan Dean Foster's The Human Blend and was infuriated that it had no ending. Have to read the next book in the trilogy, which I happen to have already bought, Body, Inc.. Probably will also need to buy The Sum of Her Parts to get the resolution.

3 pm, half an hour before I wanted to leave for Pacifica, went to the car and update the firmware for the Kenwood GPS/radio, which took 20 minutes. Punched in the address of Pacifica Community Center and drove there for the Hugh Daniel life celebration. Lots of thick fog going over the hill, pretty scary. Pacifica was overcast and raining/misting.

I brought 4 6-packs of muffins, but b y the time I got there @ 4:30 (4 pm was the announced start time) there was no room on the long table of food for them. They were parked nearby by the person in charge of food.

Huge turnout, I probably knew half the people there from sci-fi, filk, hacking. Hugh's sister Lesli talked about Hugh, and read something from their mother who is unable to travel. I talked to her a little toward the end of the gathering, she seems to be the kind of person anyone would be proud to have as a sister. She's stunned and sad and mad that he checked out at 51 when he was the one who wanted to live to 120. She said she would be fine with 65 for herself.

She had brought hundreds of Hugh's CDs for the taking. When I got to that table there was an ancient Moira Stern CD which I adopted, and one by a Khazack redhead whom I had never heard of, Irina Mikhailova.

There was also a silent auction, I won a couple of NASA holographic bookmarks, a Mars Rover "wish you were here" postcard book, and a small replica of King Tut's sarcophagus, complete with mummy. Heavy thing. All proceeds going toward sending Hugh's ashes into space.

We were all given tiny LED flashlight keyrings at the door, and Lesli said we would be doing something with those later, but the crowd had dispersed before there was a chance. Also it was just way too loud in there - some genius decided he needed to get out a hammer to take apart some electronics for his children. Hugh used to do that, teach kids how to take apart stuff, but without a hammer.

I escaped the crowds by going out into the lobby, Kathy Mar was there too, we chatted for quite a bit. She has been following my FB writing, which flattered me a lot. We talked about her CD Made By Magic,  which pretty much was. She gave me some new insight on Zander Nyrond's Sam's Song which surprised me.

At a little before 8 we stacked chairs and stuff, I headed back over a still very foggy hill, and home. Opened the door to Kaan poop right in front of it. :-( Glad I kept the bedroom door closed. It will stay closed tonight.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work, early team meeting
Ophthalmology appointment at 1:00
May try for an urgent care appt after that, some rashes on my left foot which refuse to go away. Maybe more shingles.
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