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Medical Monday

Up way early, but still managed to only get to work 30 minutes early for the 9am meeting. Short meeting, we're mostly in between product releases, and are mostly verifying bugs have been fixed. I managed to look into 4 and finish 3 before it was time to go to Kaiser and have my eyes dilated. New in the doctor's office is an electronic picture frame, displaying a large series of photos of him & family in a wide array of travels. They were slightly randomized, so I saw some several times and probably missed others. I recognized Yosemite, the Alaska inside passage cruise, Stonehenge, Mayan temples, night shots of something which was either a huge mosque or the Taj Mahal from the back. Also something which looked like The Alhambra, a Roman amphitheater, the Roman Coliseum, architecture in Turkey, Tussuad's wax museum and someplace in Italy which was not Rome or Venice. But most impressive was his daughter in a cap & gown, either high school or college. When I first started seeing this doctor, that daughter's kindergarten crayon drawings were on his wall.

Preliminary eye exam shows my non-dilated vision is even better than last year, one line better than 20/20 in both eyes. No glaucoma. The dilation exam was also better than last year, still some retinopathy but smaller bits. See him in a year.

Since my eyes weren't safe to drive and I was in the big clinic I went to the walk-in office and got an appointment to see a doctor about the rash on my foot. The verdict was summer eczema, he prescribed a cream. Picked that up at the pharmacy, then went downstairs and grabbed something resembling lunch at the cafeteria. It was about 3 pm, so there wasn't much to choose from.

Now good enough to drive in the overcast weather (sun would have killed), went to UPS and picked up the pair of beep-free belts I'd ordered. Then to Sunnyvale Toyota to find out what the deal was with not having my license plates back yet. Turns out my salescreature blew it. She was supposed to take them off the old car and give them to me before I left with the new car. I saw her take off the front plate, but the rear plate was a challenge because it was mounted with inset bolt-head screws which needed a thin socket wrench (the plate was behind a backup cam built into a frame).

The nice man at the front desk called around, the service manager was gone for the day already, so he was left voicemail, the used car salesman said there were no plates there, but he would call the person they sold the old car to to find out if my plates were on the car, and he checked with the DMV person in the business office who said there were no plates there.

Tomorrow I should hear from the used car and service folks, then we'll take it from there.

Next stop, the 7-11 to pick up my new Kindle Paperwhite from the Amazon locker. Then home, let the cats out to the patio and parked myself there eventually after setting up the Kindle and downloading the book I am reading on the non-lighted model.

Then off to BASFA, which was lightly attended but fun.

Home again, took the older Kindle out of its cover/stand and put the new one in. And was surprised by it coming on by itself, and refusing to turn off. A little experimenting, and it seems the magnet built into the base of the stand to hold the folding pro-up bit in place was triggering the power and keeping it on. Which is when I noticed that the Paperwhite doesn't have audio. The only connector is the USB, and there is no mention of audio books in the Guide. Not that I have ever loaded any... But the magnet thing is strange. Also missing on the PW is the pair of contacts on the back for dock charging. Which I've never used, either. But I'm thinking the magnet thing might be a side effect of having designed an inductance charger (lay the Kindle on a flat pad charger, no wires between them). More research is needed.

Plans for tomorrow:

Follow-up with Toyota
Pick up coasters and kitty crack at UPS (delivered too late today to pick up)
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