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My Westercon66 Panel Schedule


3:15 pm Comedy in SF/F - Folsom (Ground - OffSide)
4:30 pm Care & Feeding of Performers - Cabernet (Ground)
6:00 pm Match Game SF - Atrium (Ground)
8:30 pm Opening Ceremonies/Meet the Guests/Fireworks - Atrium (Ground)


3:00 pm A Single If... - Folsom (Ground - OffSide)
5:30 pm Exomusicology - Merlot (Ground - Back Hall)


11:15 am Storytelling the Old-Fashioned Way - Folsom (Ground - OffSide)
12:30 pm Page 119 - Is The Book Any Good? - Merlot (Ground - Back Hall)
4:15 pm  Finding Your Muse - Folsom (Ground - OffSide)


11:15 am Is Theater Dead? - Folsom (Ground - OffSide)

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