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Backup Complete

Last night I started a full incremental backup of my internal 2TB mirrored disks to my network-attached 3TB drive, which already has most of my photos and my web site backup. Let it run overnight because it said it expected to finish late tonight or early tomorrow morning. This morning after doing my usual things online I shut off the PC by mistake. Turned it back again, and started the backup running and thought it was staring from the beginning. :-(
Home tonight, it did the right thing- incremental backup means it only backs up the stuff which has changed since the last backup. It finished at about 10, just after I got back from BASFA.

About BASFA, it's amazing how one inconsiderate loudmouth can destroy the meeting. Someone has a habit of not waiting till the meeting is over before going around the room starting up loud conversations.

Work. I almost didn't make it in time for the team meeting, low Hgl at 5:30 am, 77 this time, chocolate milk saved me, 127 at 9 am. But lows always slow me down.

Not much to talk about, both boss and boss' boss said their doors were open if we wanted to talk about last week's layoff foo. I'll try to talk to boss' boss tomorrow, to put things into perspective. Meantime, I got to play my crickets sound effect app.

We also got one step closer to the next big product, boss sent around a list of the features we expect in the first release, and we signed up for testing them and writing new test cases as needed. I took at least two which were previously covered by the two guys in Belgium who got the axe.

Other than that, mostly looked for other things to work on, finding none I pulled up a very technical paper on HEVC which is the next ultra-high def video standard and started to slog through it. Slog is the wrong word, try to absorb is more like it. It's based on the last two standards, and then came steroids and Ecstasy and some crack on a Mandelbrot platter.

It was 94° outside so I went to always airconditioned Togo's for a #9 combo (Monday's special).

Home after work, timed my online playing to get to BASFA at 7:30, which I did. As usual they were out of prime rib so I had shrimp scampi fettuccine.  I don't think I told any puns. :-(

Home again, couldn't park because person in the next slot has all the doors & hatchback open on a car which was not his, apparently unpacking from a camping trip, or something. After a loop around the block I got there just in time to watch the Prius C pull out and drive off

Speaking of Toyotas,  Monday has come and gone with no word from them about my license plates, so tomorrow morning I'm filing a police report as I said I would.

In other bad news, the Texas protest was lame. I estimated from the photos about 3,000 people, and from what the media is saying, 10% of them were anti-women. In a state as populous as Texas, one would think they could muster 10,000 for a cause with a whole weekend to prepare. We did during Seattle's Vietnam War protests. Worse news is the anti-abortion law was shunted to committee and won't be voted on until next week at the earliest. They have 30 days.

Plans for tomorrow:
Police/DMV foo
Try to stay cool.
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