Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Why Am I Not Asleep?

Up early for the 9 am team meeting. Wondering if/when those will change to 10 am now that we don't have a Belgium office to fit into the mix. Short meeting, we're between major products and most of the work is done for the next release.

Spent an hour cranking out a criminally easy automation script. All the test calls for is confirming that a tab and two text fields exist in the GUI.

Took a break and compared AT&T to Verizon. May switch from V to A and get a Samsung S4. Automation guy has done this, he gets a better signal than I do. Easy to see on an Android. Forget the bars, go to settings, About Phone and there will be a signal strength selection. it's in negative dB, so the lower the value of the digits, the stronger the signal. -40 is super, -60 okay, -100 is crap. He gets -76 to my -98.

Lunchtime I went to UPS to pick up (I thought) two packages. Forgot I already got the first one Wednesday. The one package was two meds from Kaiser, so worth the trip. Stopped at Denny's on the way back. The obligatory cranky child left before my food arrived.

Afternoon I tackled a series of more difficult automations, which I plan to have fill up my week.

Home by way of Lucky's which only had one type of windshield washer fluid, half the size of the usual, for $3. Gag me. Walked to Valero next door, also only one choice, but a full gallon for $3 including tax. Not a bargain, but it would cost almost as much for the gas to drive to the nearest auto store.

Home, massaged and posted the pix from mettemu & Bryan's Westercon session on mold making. They are here:

Mette glues the mold holder in place. That's Christine Doyle's hand holding the tablet, which was hooked up to a projector aimed at a screen off to the left.

Finished in time to get to basfa which was almost all Westercon66 survivors, but half the usual crowd. It was fun, but I was pun-free.

Home, shopped the masquerade photos and posted them. They kinda suck because I didn't get a good place to stand, was mostly shooting into the lights and the helpful Donald whose job was to stay on the right-hand side of the steps to lend his arm to contestants leaving the stage kept going over to the left side and blocking my view, and making the exit more awkward for the contestants and himself as well. :-(

A furry runs the sound board.

Donald on the wrong side. Tia is onstage, the only under-18 contestant. Killer costume, made by her mom, I think they said, she wore it well.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get a new phone & carrier
Make an appointment to get a real car alarm. And maybe real speakers.
Hang out at Starbucks (?)
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