Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Late Again, but for reasons

Did not feel like getting up this morning. Made the mistake of having a burger for dinner at BASFA, after chicken fried steak for lunch and for the first time in ages wish I had some tums. At 2 am. I drank a lot of water instead.

When 7 am rolled around and the lights came on automagically and the radio gave me the Seattle traffic report (which goes like this: "if you are not listening to this in your car, you are the only person on the planet who is not stuck on 405"). I finally defied gravity about an hour later.

Got to work a little after 10, spent the day mostly trying to get a 2-part program to hand off from the first part to the second. Here and there I also answered some questions about bugs I had worked on and bugs I had looked at but decided were engineering housekeeping and Not My Department™.

Lunchtime I went to Petco looking for a particular automatic litterbox which uses clumping litter instead of crystals, but they didn't stock the big one.  Staffer said the big store in Sunnyvale has them. Poetic justice - the litterbox is for Kaan, who still, after all these months, thinks the crystal litter is an archaeological project, and half the time in his energetic diggings scatters crap outside the box. SVale Petco has a branch of thye Humane Society which is where I adopted Kaan. Clumping litter doesn't immediately slide back into the hole he's dug. But not time to go to SVale so I went across the street to AT&T and bought a Samsung Galaxy S4. Automation Guy was getting much better reception on his AT&T phone than I was on the Verizon S3. It took more than an hour, because Verizon "customer service" is someone in prison in Arizona making a few extra drug dollars. At least that's how she sounded.

After work I went to the SVale Petco, and they had both my preferred brand and another one for $10 less. It looked like it might be a better design, so I bought one. And 32 lbs of Armand Hammer clumping litter (on sale for half price). I wonder how many people know that Arm & Hammer company was founded by a guy named Armand Hammer? 

Home, got the dolly out and put the litterbox and litter box on it, and parked it in the litter room computer room. Fired up the PC, and backed up the S3, then used Samsung Kies to transfer everything from the S3 to the S4, then backed up the S4. It didn't get most of the apps. So I started installing apps, but then it got to be dinner time, I made a TV dinner which was Beef Strogonoff, but they called it beef with noodles so as not to appear to be pinko commies. Last night I watched the first half of the Crossing Lines pilot, started it up again while eating. After dinner I paused it and started putting the litterbox together. Much assembly required, and not very good instructions. Each time I hit a milestone I'd go back to the livingroom and watch some more CL. Finally got the Lbox done , took Kaan's preferred crystal Lbox out of action and plugged in the new one, added litter, tested it (way too much litter) went to the outdoor storage room for my trowel and fixed that problem. And then watched the last of CL.

Crossing Lines hit all my gongs. Pug ugly leading men, gory murder photos, mumbling was so bad I had to turn on clothed captioning. And the script was Just Plain Stupid. A cop whose only self-defense skill is quietly saying "no"? You're in a helicopter over a deserted park looking for two warm bodies and you don't use your standard issue infrared goggles? And they killed off the one person on the team who could act, and in a totally stupid way.  Donald Sutherland is miscast, probably a side effect of his role in JFK, for which he didn't get an Oscar.

2 am. How did that happen? Spent some time on the phone with Comcast, they seem to have ditched their automatic "match your phone number to interruptions in your area" system and replaced it with someone who asks for too much information in an unidentifiable foreign accent. So this won't get posted till later.



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