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I am sitting her surrounded by boxes and disconnected servers. Almost time to shut this machine down, box up the kvm switch, slap the mouse, keyboard and cables into the translucent heavy-duty baggy they gave us for that purpose, throw the speakers and power strips into the one remaining open box, and kiss this place goodbye.

I will miss being bicycle distance from Shoreline Park's Lakeside Cafe. I won't miss the horrible traffic snarls when there's a concert at the Amphitheater. Commutes will be about the same distance, in different directions. It will be farther to the post office, doctor, dentist, bank, grocery shopping. Closer to Fry's. Close to light rail, but far from any good lunch places. Far from the Computer History Museum and Google's amazing collection of nubile nymphettes Google hires for looks, but I'm not complaining.

There's a big park not too far away, good for group picnics, but its bike path is lame. Closer to the Brass Rail, which I have not been to in months. Possibly closer to the Milpitas WalMart than to the one in Mountain View.

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