Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Relatively Quiet Day

Work was more of the same. Automation Guy left early to take his kid to the dentist so I have to wait to find out why his "framework" is throwing an error message at my program.

Lunchtime plan was to go to Cost Plus on Coleman (HUGE shopping center, many lunch opportunities after shopping) to buy coasters. The "Thirstystone" sandstones ones I just got are not thirsty at all, they will be a basfa auction item Real Soon Now.

My GPS did not know about this one, and I'd forgotten to write down the address, so I just drove to where I thought it was, but that turned out to be a Lowe's with no eateries nearby. So I used GPS to find the next nearest one. None of their 4 coaster designs looked thirsty, but they did have a 15-pack of British beer mats. Not as long-lived but 15 will last a while, especially for ~ $6.

By now it was too late for a restaurant lunch so I perused the food aisles, found Hokkien noodles with Thai peanut sauce in a Chinese food take-out box which doubled as a microwave container, a bag of Walkers chocolate chip shortbread cookies and a bar of dark chocolate with orange rinds. Back at work it made for a yummy at-my-desk lunch.

Home, wiped out from last night's 3 am bedtime. Had dinner out on the patio with the cats, gave them their treats, decided it was early enough to take a nap so I could be awake at about 10 to go to the club down the block for an hour. Kaan was already curled up at the head of the bed on the left, and when I cyrled my arm around him and started petting him, Domino jumped up to the right side and snuggled, so I turned over to her side, since she never does that unless I'm very ill. She stayed curled up in my arm for about 10 minutes, a world record.

I used the Samsung voice thing (their version of Siri) to set the alarm for 10 pm, fell asleep, woke up at 9:45 and waited for the alarm to go off before getting up and going out.

Spent an hour at the club. Delightful time. Spent about $20 in $1 bills.

Home, did the Quicken thing, updated my FB cover/profile folders with shots taken of me at Westercon.

And now it's bedtime.

YOTB rehearsal 
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