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Oy, What A Day I Had Today

Got to work early, started working and optical migraine hit so bad I couldn't read the screen. Tylenol and time helped that. And a bowl of oatmeal.

No real progress on the two projects. One because the automation harness is missing some key procedures, one because IT needs to set up something complicated in the lab for me.

Lunchtime, manicure. I was 10 minutes late, she was 15 minutes late. We chatted about Yelp and Some People Are Never Pleased. Her reviews are mostly 5 stars, but now and then there's a one-star or a 2-star. The 1-star reviews are all rants, and reading between the lines the issues are mostly the customer's fault. And when a bad review starts with "I'm in the cosmetology business so I know these things" my answer is "if you're in the business, why don't you have your mani-pedi at your business?"

I like the place, and yes, they sometimes mess up on reservations and can be too busy to accommodate a walk-in in a timely manner, but that's true with every successful nails place. There are two reasons I keep going back there even though it is massively out of my way: they use high-quality materials (After 2 weeks my manicure still looks new) and Michelle and her staff are good at what they do. And easy on the eyes, but that's just gravy.

Home, ate a couple of corn dogs, put the baritone horn in the car and went to Ye Olde Towne Band rehearsals in Los Altos. Fairly lean turnout, no French Horns, no oboe, and only two tubas. We played a lot of lip-destroyer tunes from the start, I was struggling with the last two pieces.

On the up side, I was pleasantly surprised to see J, who I think is our oldest member, there. At the concert 2 weekends ago he was having trouble reading the music, thanks to neuro meds he was taking. He sits next to me.

Home, gave the cats their treats. Checked the new litterbox, it has been used a lot. Kaan still plays archaeologist even with the regular clumping litter, but it has steep curved walls so all the stuff stays in the box, so far. And the clumping litter is easier to bury stuff in.

Starbucks, the laptop probably needs updates

Take the car to Audio Design and have a real alarm installed, and a set of listenable speakers, possibly with an amp to increase frequency response and signal to noise ratio.  This is an all-day job, so I'll use my Clipper card, probably after a trip to the nice coffee shop across the street.

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