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So Much For Spending a Quiet Evening at Starbucks

Got to work early, left late. Another frustrating day of scripts not working. The ones the automation team wrote did things my test case didn't want done, so I had to write my own. One more to look at Monday, except this time it may just be a typo in the Official Scriptlet.

"Quick" meeting called by boss' boss lasted an hour, with lots of pauses for crickets. Should have taken 10 minutes, but he decided to update us with some relatively minor stuff after dropping the bombshell. Bombshell is that our CTO, whom I think was a founder and definitely was the engineer most responsible for our first Emmy, is leaving at the end of the month. He's from France, his wife is also from Europe, and they have parents over there they want to spend more time with. He apparently has wanted to do this for about a year, but timing sucked.

The other news is the part of the company which bought us which had been sort of making a similar product will move from their little office in Redwood City down here to Santa Clara. No time frame, though.

Lunchtime, picked up a package at the apartment, and another at UPS, then had lunch next door to UPS at Rama V Thai, thought I'd give them a second chance. First time the service was so-so, the food sucked. This time the service was pretty good for a huge Friday company teams lunch crowd, but very different food sucked. They did the mango/sticky rice well, though.

5-ish, gave Automation Guy a ride to pick up his car, which was being 25k maintained at the dealer.

Back to work, wrote my weekly report for 2 weeks (missed doing it last week because Westercon66).

In other news, Oakland's Fox channel, KTVU, snuck this exclusive scoop into their noon "news"cast:

Followed by a very lame apology shortly after, followed by a more serious apology tonight:

The bottom line is in their eagerness to scoop the big channels, they disengaged their brains. Disgusting.

Dinner was out on the patio again with cats wandering in and out.

Got email from Chris Doyle, the Westercon66 program chair who did a most excellent job, asking for feedback. I went somewhat OCD on her and did one-liners of all the panels I was on. I think I got them all in. And a gripe or three, only one of them serious, and the rest possibly more the responsibility of the hotel.

And there was a lot of facebooking to do.

And it took some time to print labels and prepare some earrings from Springtime Creations to be mailed to three relatives who have holes in their ears.  One needed a customs form.

Looked over at the new litterbox, it already needed the poo-bag changed. Kaan has been at work. Maybe also Domino, though I haven't seen her in action. Took care of that. It was not as easy as the directions say. This machine makes a loud whiny noise, contrary to their marketing blurbs.

Plans for tomorrow:
P.O. if I'm up & out in time
Audio Design to have alarm & speakers & amp installed in car
Find a way to kill about 4 hours. Coffee shop, Valley Faire Mall, etc.
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