Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Head, Meet Wall

Spent the work day being thwarted by what turned out to be bugs in the automation framework. Automation Guy is good at recognizing when I have broken his system, and fixing it as soon as he has a free nanosecond.

During the long waits between runs, I found a reasonably priced SATA controller and ordered one.

Lunchtime was at the installer's, they fixed the problem where the alarm armed itself when the trunk was open, and they said they moved the valet button to a more accessible place, but they lied. Back at work I found it, they hid it near the floor by the driver's side door. Impossible to reach easily. I will have to fix their fix.

Went from there on a search for the ESPN magazine's body issue, Safeway, CVS had nada. Barnes & Noble has the most amusingly magazine section, thanks to their customers' policy of treating the place like a library - one where you re-shelve what you took, in some place other than where you took it from, extra points for WTF creativity. I found a single well-read one tossed in front of "O" magazine. The peons at the register had no idea how to find out  if they had any unread copies. 

After work, the UPS store had a pair of cell phone batteries and a pair of Tevas. These ought to fit, being a size smaller than the ones I am wearing.

Am in the Starbucks across the street, where two units of extreme eye candy are making the baristas die of cute. They have seats at the bar, and look almost as good from the back as they did from the front.

The sun has dropped down below window level, and this place's sunscreens are a joke. Time to head home.

Plans for tomorrow:
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