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Well That Just Tears It

Finished the program I have been working on for 2 weeks. We're required to run them three times and submit the logs to show they work. I ran mine once, it worked. 2nd time it said it crashed the system. Third time worked. 4th time crash.

Looking closer, the machine's main application burped for less than a second, as the machine was coming back up from a reboot command.

So here's what tears it: My program works, but since th machine burps while it is running, I not only cannot submit it as a working program, I had to file a bug report. Until the bug is captured and killed, I get no credit for all of this work, AND I can't use my test machine for the next two programs I want to work on.


So this afternoon I familiarized myself with spider solitaire and read every news item on CNN's home page, and those of the local NBC and ABC affiliates. And grimaced over the all-star game reports where Giants fans tried to find something good in a shutout.

Lunch was at Togo's, where I discovered their formerly meaty meatball sandwich has been replaced by marinara-covered sawdust lumps. :-(

Surgical strike shopping ought to have been one stop:
Medium size sponges for the bathtub and kitchen sink
Hummus for the falafel that's been in the fridge all week
A new long-handled squeegee for the car
Original windex for the car
Paper towels for the car
Something not frozen for dessert
Peanut oil

Safeway and Rite Aid no longer sell anything but the smallest sponges and those HUGE car wash sponges. Neither sell squeegees. So I had to go to Pep Boys for those. And I thought I could pick up a replacement for the valet button which I broke while removing it from the asinine place Audio Designs put it. But no, they have all kinds of other switches but no plain push-button momentary ones. Fry's probably does.

Home, finished Ande's book about her parents. Too many cut and paste errors toward the end. One toward the beginning. Readable enough, I guess. I think she mostly wrote it as therapy for herself, and I don't see any sequels.

Wore my new right-sized Tevas today, they are vastly more comfortable than the size 12 pair.

Plans for tomorrow:
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