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It's official

Both Kaan and Domino are only using the new "traditional litter" box. Which means the second one cannot arrive too soon.
Work may have been my most boring day ever. Spent all day pushing the "go" button, waiting an hour, checking the results, lather, rinse, repeat. Ironically I was trying to get it to fail. After 5 successful runs, I gave up on the bug (which I had seen 2 out of 4 times yesterday) and submitted the script to Automation, making it Somebody Else's Problem™.
Lunchtime was wasted at Fry's, looking for standard items which they used to carry all kinds of (push buttons, cordless soldering iron, solder, shrink wrap tubing, small-guage stranded wire) and left with a junky looking cordless soldering iron, the right kind of solder in the right amount, way too much shrink wrap tubing in two sizes, the wrong kind of button and no wire at all.

Back to work.

After work, Radio Shack had All Of The Above. I bought everything except solder. Will return the button and the iron to Fry's soon.

Home, just enough time to tape together the sheet music which I'd brought home to repair last week. Grabbed my horn and headed for rehearsal, planning on being 5 minutes late. But there war a HUGE birthday party at the park, no parking spaces for two blocks. So I was 15 minutes late, but a lot of other people were too.

We ran through a lot of pieces, and for most of it I was not doing a good job of keeping up, especially with key and time signature changes. We play a lot of medleys arranged by people who have cut and pasted instead of transposed, so there is a lot of that.

Home, dinner was falafel, hummus, creamed spinach, pickles with chocolate chip macadamia cookies for dessert.  And my home made lime seltzer.

And somewhere on the ride home I went to test the new amp/speakers with some Sarah Chang violin pieces, only to discover I had erased all the classical music on the iPod because it was recorded at 120 bps and sounded like crap, and I never remembered to re-record them at 360. So I just did that. And it reminded me I also have at least 2 CDs of theFine Arts Quartet which I'd meant to put on there. And now that I have found them, I see why I never did. The husband of one of my parents' cousins, Abram Loft, was a violinist. violist with them for decades. He wrote a book about it: clicky.  Looking at the CDs, they were made after he left the group. :-(

Plans for tomorrow:
Re-do the valet button
Veg with the cats
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