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Early to work, even though we move all the team meetings to 10 o'clock now that there is no European part of the team to include. Ran the script I thought was finished Friday, but boy was I wrong.

The advice given  to me by the assistant Automation person turned out to be not exactly wrong, but less elegant than the system was designed to handle. Turns out that the system doesn't care how many test cases are in a test set, it will run them all and credit you with each of them. So I was able to streamline the test suite by converting the two test sets into test cases, and changing the tcl program to only call one test suite:test set.

But I shot myself in the foot by not being consistent with what I named things. It took two more passes to get it right, with changes to both the GUI test and the tcl "envelope".

But then it ran fine, in less than 30 minutes. Ran it the required 3 times, nd submitted it to Automation.

And now I'm fresh out of things to automate.

Boss sent us a list of bugs to write test cases for, but two of the three he assigned to me don't lend themselves to test cases. I'll talk to him about those soon.

Lunch was at Round Table's pizza buffet. Not a lot of good choices for me. They made the pepperoni extra greasy and somewhat overcooked, and only the cheese on cheese was any good. But they didn't do any deep dish, which is what made them famous in the first place. Next time I'll order off the menu. Pretty much the same price for a small pizza or a personal with salad.

Left work later than I planed, chatting with Automation Guy about the stuff I finished, and about languages. He was curious about who spoke the most languages. I had no idea. He found an answer online somewhere, a British Governor of Hong Kong in the 1700s spoke about 200, plus some 40 dialects. Our team alone, besides English, represents Cantonese, Mandarin, Malaysian, Russian, Hebrew, Spanish, Vietnamese and Thai. The next row adds French (Québécois).

Home, confirmed the drive E full backup was successful - 1.6 GB. Which means I will need to install the SATA controller and drives, make a RAID 5 of them, and restore from the backup. After that I plan to make a recovery disk (that's stuff on drive C) and change from my weekly backup using Windows Backup to using NovaStor's file copy feature. Or maybe a differential backup - to the 2GB drive. Drive C is a 500 MB drive about half full.

I needed a credit card-like object, found my old Mountain View library card, and before driving to BASFA, removed the tiny, mostly useless, bug-eye mirrors and thought ab out installing the larger ones, but Windex did not remove the black square of adhesive, so I'll work on that tomorrow with acetone. And I think I want different large bug-eyes than I bought. These have easily moved lenses, I really want fixed position ones.

BASFA was a laugh riot, I contributed several zingers.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call Kaiser for an urgent care appointment about what appears to be an ingrown fingernail

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