Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Day of 2's

Took my time getting to work after firing up the VPN and seeing there was no new email. Parked on the far side of the lot because some major sewer line pumping with three huge tank-truck vehicles were working right in front of the driveway next door, close enough to hurt my car if I was parked in my usual spot.

Got another automation done. Yay.

Today they finally changed the sign out front and over the receptionist's desk to the new company name & logo. It's a very attractive logo, similar to the last Canadian Worldcon's.

Lunchtime I went to the car wash, and for the first time since I bought the car, the windows were clean. Toyota dealer had used dirty rags, which left an annoying residue when the air conditioning shoved new car plastic fumes at it.

On the way back had a late lunch at a new place called Ginger Cafe, which is across the street from PF Chang. Ginger from the outside looks unassuming, and I'd figured it as just another low-end Asian place.Not so - it is every bit as classy as PG Chang, maybe moreso. The menu is pan-Asian, with dim sum, Thai iced tea, etc. I had what they called Saigon Street Chow Fun, which was mixed seafood, chicken and veggies on a bed of wide noodles. It was way too peppered for me, I only finished about 1/3. The Thai iced tea was good, but they didn't need to add that sugar. Lobster dumplings apparently used fake lobster and had corn nibblets as filler. Pricey ordering a la carte, I must go there again and have a lunch special which does not have 2-alarm symbols next to the name.

Back to work, got some feedback on last week's automations. One was accepted, the other needs work (hard-coded IP address should be a variable, and that sort of thing).

Tried to take the Sharepoint training, but it was all aimed at salescreatures, and they were a series of ADD videos, each video with a different presenter in a different audio setup. One guy narrated it over the phone! This is Official Microsoft Stuff™ and I am flabbergasted. Finally gave up and prowled around on my own. That didn't work so well either.

Home, picked up a package at the apt, the new seat covers for the car. I'll put them on at work tomorrow, not enough room in the carport.

Across the street to Lowe's, bought a couple of small potted flowers to replace the ones on the patio which have fried. Also bought a small can of Goof Off, which is mostly lighter fluid, and in the parking lot with a hand towel I keep in the trunk, I removed the adhesive which had been holding the little bug-eyes. I also bought a pair of non-swivel bug eyes, but they are only 3" replacing a pair of 2" ones, so I have not installed them. Online checking says they also make 3 3/4" which may work better for me.

Home, planted the flowers in the patio window thing, sat out there with the cats for an hour reading A Scanner Darkly.  Philip K. Dick. johnnyeponymous is doing a Dick issue of Drink Tank, I should ask if there is time to write something. It won't be very complimentary, I'm finding his writing slow reading.

Dinner was frozen veggies and chao sua bow, or however they spell BBQ pork-filled white bread steamed round things.

Plans for tomorrow:

- including going-away lunch for the founding CTO, being done on the cheap in the break room. I expect it will be some kind of buffet, but he deserves a banquet room affair off-site. And they have a town hall meeting right after that.
Install gaudy velour seat covers
Install bug-eye mirrors
Hang out @ *$'s
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