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Hello, the bed


Forgot some routine stuff this morning. Forgot to put the blue ice into my cooler, so the cans of Diet Coke I brought to work did not stay cold very long. Forgot to close the bedroom door, and when I peeked in on bedcam, Kaan was a large meatball on the quilt. At least he didn't poop in there.

Work was a saga of continuing sagas. Needed to re-run a long boring test because the sales engineer forgot to mention that the issue was seen on one of a paired device. Our boxes have a feature where one can be set as a backup to as many as 10 units, and will automagically pretend to be any one unit which has failed, or has been taken off-line. In this case it was a 1:1 setup, which made it do-able.

I was going to nuke Candy Crush on my phone, but discovered that it takes about the same amount of time for me to finish a level (either pass or fail) as it does for our machines to reboot.

Late lunchtime was a serial surgical strike. UPS to pick up a package (it was a 6-pack of body wash obtained at a bargain price), maincure, and a stop at Petco to buy a second Littermaid automatic litterbox and a box of their poop containers. More on that later.

Home, checked the mail (this means a 2-block walk so I only do it every other day) and there was nothing except a pennysomething crapola newsprint thing. I had expected to hear from the DMV by now about my replacement license plates, if only to have them tell me I need to pick a new moniker.

Unpacked the car onto my little dolly, filled the body wash bottle in my on-the-wall shower dispenser and parked the other 5 containers of Old Spice in a convenient spot. Ran the SmartScoop litterbox a few times to confirm that it misses 80% of what it's supposed to be raking up and dropping in the container.

Grabbed my Baritone Horn and headed for YOTB practice, but there was a Kenney Chesney concert at Shoreline, which pushed a ton of traffic onto my route - Central Expressway, and that was tied up by a major crash and the train crossings. Took an alternate, faster than 5 mph way, but when I got to the park there was no parking, so I had to circle the block and park up on the main road where I usually park for our concerts. I was about 10 minutes late, left early enough to be 10 minutes early. :-(

Which meant I missed most of one of my favorite pieces, The National Emblem March, which sounds like a Sousa piece but was written at the turn of the last century by Edwin Eugene Bagley. Sousa called it the best march he had not written himself. :-)

We blew thorugh (pun intended) most of the program for this Sunday's concert, doing some pieces more than once but mostly working on specific problem bits. The more I play this 4-valve horn, the more I miss a lighter 3-valve. I think I'll drop in on Starving Musician and see if they are interested in a trade.

Home by way of Walgreen's and CVS, looking for a tall kiychen garbage can with an attached lid. The clumping litter fills those recepticles way faster than the crystal litter did, and I need something to dump the poop into so I'm not running it out to the dumpster every 2 days. Neither one had anything. And by the time I got to the new huge drugstore in downtown MV they were closed.

Had dinner, treated the cats, then assembled the new litterbox, pulled out the Bad One and transferred its litter into the new one. I need to WD40 the new one's gear track. Tomorrow.

Parked the Bad One on the patio, where the sun will bake it tomorrow.

Now to take drugs and get some sleep. Last night I found a radio station in Brussels which plays a combination of French and American easy listening. They speak in a highly accented French, which I can ignore until, as happened at about 5 am my time, some motor mouth held forth.

Plans for tomorrow:
Shop for a garbage pail
Send my name in to Dragon Theater as a possible director.
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