Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Is it Friday Yet?

Spent some of the morning thinking it was Wednesday, because that's when I have my 1-on-1 and there is a lot on my mind which I am looking forward to transferring to my boss.

Spent some time searching keywords in new company's course offerings and found a 6-hour "Deep Dive Into Digital Video" which is broken into 4 segments. Signed up and started the first segment. It is a video of a class session. The good news is the instructors know their subject. And their slides are easy to read and understand, and accurate. And they are covering some things in detail which I only had a basic understanding of. The bad news is the room is extremely noisy, it sounds like there are minions in the back of the room loudly snapping closed some huge loose leaf notebooks. Or maybe the door keeps opening and closing. Anyhow it is loud, sharp noises and very distracting, and very unprofessional. Also unprofessional is the two instructors are allowing class members to completely derail the lesson plan with blatantly out of the scope of the class questions. Almost 5 minutes of discussion on what makes encoders so expensive, before they have even gotten to the part where they explain how one works. There were about five of these in the hour and a half I watched before quitting time.

Lunch today was Sizzler, I had their rib eye steak. It was excellent, I liked it a lot, and my only question is are they supposed to carbonize the outside? I liked it that way, didn't even need steak sauce.

After work I had three stops planned: UPS, pick up a package of 48 cans of kitty crack (I used the last one last night, so this needed to be picked up today), Great Clips for a haircut and I forget the third one. GC was in the same mall as Petco, so I went to their grooming department and was told the only cat thing they do is nails, and the nearest place which does cat other things is in Los Gatos which is hella far away to take a crying feline. Then a stop at the Humane Society branch in that Petco which is where I adopted Kaan, to show them yesterday's video. They loved it. And suggested he needs another cat who will play with him. But 2 is the apartment (and my) limit.

On my way out I picked up a small bag of World's Best Cat Litter, forest scent to try in the machines.

At work I also took down all my photos and put them in the car. At home I found 6 of the new surface mount ones to put up in their place.

I am now three chapters into 50 Shades of Grey and it is more and more juvenile. Kind of reminds me of Slave Girls of Gor but with a longer lead-in and much better writing.

Since the editor said last night that it wasn't too late, I dashed off a review-ish thing on A Scanner Darkly for The Drink Tank. An edition I contributed a lot of photos to won a Hugo award 2 years ago.

Plans for tomorrow:
Cheese and wine on the patio with cats in attendence
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