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Abortion is a very difficult subject for me, and not because I was a "mistake".  I firmly believe abortion is murder. But we make allowances for self-defense, and my definition of self-defense extends to a rape victim protecting herself from that living reminder of a horrible event, and it extends to women who would be killed by having a baby.

But all the rest of the usual reasons I'm not so sure about. Adoption used to be a viable alternative, but now we're inundated by tearful pleas to donate clothing for foster children whose foster parents, I thought, were supposed to be paid by the state for providing those things. Yeah, they are click click

We now have the technology to know if a child will be born with a drug addiction, AIDS, birth defects, etc. The news is full of human interest stories about children overcoming various birth defects to win awards in the Special Olympics, and it is also full of stories of children born with problems which bring a wagonload of pain and suffering to them and their parents. There's no right answer. I lean toward making it the informed decision of the mother and her physician.

Does the father have a say? Absolutely yes, if we're talking about unmarried parents and the mother's decision is to have the child, because this will burden him with child support, which he may not be able to pay.

And then there is the abortion of convenience. Morning-after pills and a pill for men are becoming more available.

I was lucky. My parents were married ( and continued to be so until Mom died at 86) and were okay with having another baby. I didn't find out for sure I was a mistake until I was in my late 20s, staying with my maternal grandmother when she was in the early stages of whatever affliction causes people to blurt out secrets to the people who were not supposed to hear them. My mother said many times she was pro-choice, and her choice was to have me. She also said a few times she seriously regretted that choice. ;-)

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