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Woke up on time, was up and dressed early, but the internet sucked me in so I was just barely early to work. Continued watching the second part of the 6-hour video class because there was nothing else to do, and despite the annoying noises in the classroom wherever they taped it, there was good content delivered by people who knew their subject. And the visuals were good too.

Lunch was Thaibodia, which claims to be Thai and Cambodian, but is really all Cambodian - serving Thai food made in the Isan (NE Thailand) style. Not as good as real Thai, and the staff speak Cambodian, not Thai. They are about as similar as Japanese and Korean. French and German. And the portions were small, and the service was poor.

But after that, I noticed the Danish bakery was open (it has not been previous times I've been in that strip mall) and they had yummy stuff. Sarah Bernhardt, which was a chocolate dipped mousse filled cake. Their Napoleon was okay, but it was made with lady's fingers not pastry.

Had my 1-on-1 with the boss, and it took the whole 30 minutes to unload. Many of my complaints were his too.

Costco after work, though I usually dread the parking lot and the check-out lines. Both were reasonable today, and after I bought the lactose-free milk and the mini boxes of Kleenex which was my shopping list, I prowled and found some gluten free sausage and some gluten free cooked and scored lobster claws. And some gluten free herring in wine sauce. I had a small jar of that in the fridge but it was past its due date when I tried it the other night. Two mushy pieces and I tossed the jar.

And green seedless grapes, which have become my afternoon snack at work.

Home, put stuff away, took the two pieces of sheep's milk cheese from this weekend and the rose wine and had a little treat out on the patio while reading 50 Shades. 20% into the book, according to Kindle, before the thing which everyone is talking about starts to reveal itself. Very definitely an YA novel for girls.

Took out half the lobster, melted some margarine, and set up in the livingroom to eat 4 claws while watching the crap news channel. This is a San Francisco station which was so bad that one of the networks pulled its franchise and gave it to a San Jose station. Since then they have tried to become an all-news channel, but that has failed and so now they play the re-runs which the networks won't touch, and throw in some bad news broadcasts a few more times a day than the other stations.

After two claws I decided to microwave the remaining two, just to see. It was not a disaster, but next time I'll use steam.

Did not vote for the Hugos, mostly because I did not buy a supporting membership in this year's Worldcon on account of how stupid is it to have a convention in blazing hot San Antonio in August? And it's Texas. My Hugo nominated friends are winners no matter how the vote goes.

Plans for tomorrow:
No YOTB this week
May go to SJ to see an indie movie a friend is in.

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