Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Catching Up: Sunday

Another trip to the City, this time on Caltrain and muni to the building just past the Ferry Building. Got there after 3 for a party which was slated to run from 2 till 9. Only a few people were there. I hadn't eaten yet, and I was thinking of going next door to grab a bite when the photog who had invited me showed up with one of his models. The place started filling up slowly. This party was to mark the release of a swimsuit magazine, and part of the plan was to meet the models who posed for the mag, and another part was a bikini modeling competition at 5 pm.

There was a DJ - actually a series of DJs - playing Latin beats, loud but bearable. It was out on the patio behind a Brazilian restaurant, on the water, so there was some sun, some open shade and some dark. I got some pretty good candid portraits with my new 55-300mm VR Nikon lens. At about 5 when nothing was happening and it was very crowded, I went next door to Starbucks and had a mocha and a chocolate croissant, which made up for my by then low Hgl.

Back to the party by way of walking completely around the dock, which could have been more scenic if the fog had not touched everything.

It was seriously crowded, and people were getting a bit buzzed (2 no-host bars were well stocked) and I missed a ton of good shots when people cut in front of me, or decided to Be Cool and raise their hands in the air while dancing (poorly). I posted on FB a few of the ones which look good as is, but tonight I'll photoshop the rest and upload them to Flickr.

Here are a couple I like:

That last one really needs some shadow reduction to show off her eyes.

The bikini contest never really happened. They called all the contestants to the DJ stand, but only six answered the call, and only one was in a bikini. It was getting cold and windy, and while there were heaters out there, only the ones on the other side of the patio (near the doors) were on.

It was getting cold and dark and way crowded, and th photographers had gone into full Rude Paparazzi mode, so I bailed. It was still daylight, so I did what I thought about Saturday, and took the N train out to Ocean Beach and back.

Caught the 9:15 back south, and was home before 11.

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