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I was up and out the door at 8:30, which is when I realized I had forgotten to pack my lunchbox. Snack box, really. So I went back and did that, and still got to work before 9.

Boss is out this week, Boss' Boss ran out weekly team meeting, combining it with the SI team, which does a lot of what we do, but more in response to customer issues. Their boss was out too.

I thought we had talked everything to death by the time our hour was done and BB had another meeting to attend, but by noon he scheduled another hour at 2. He had some good info which made it look like we ought to have jobs well into 2015. I doubt it, but hope he's right.

Since we had to rush, Automation Guy and I went to Carl's Jr down the block for lunch.

We got a new build, which gave me some work to do.

After work I had some surgical strike shopping to do at Costco. Now that I'm mainlining Ibuprofen, unwrapping the individual little foil tabs was getting old. Costco has their generic brand in bulk. Ditto Claritin. And I also picked up an almost 2-year supply of 1kmg Vitamin C.Also on the list were limes (I hate buying them there, because I can't use all 6 lbs before half of them go bad, but they are good sized and less than I would pay for 2  lbs at Safeway). I suppose I can bring half of them to work. And bananas. Not on the official list, but I bought it anyway was a 2-lb pack of pre-cooked bacon. I do this because I like bacon but hate to cook it, and in honor of the song which made Barenaked Ladies famous. Not the song, really, but the dialogue during the vamp between verses.

Home, put stuff away, got the laptop out and have been on the patio with the cats (and without at times) banging out my weekend updates.

Next up - put away the laptop, make dinner, fire up the big PC and photoshop and post the rest of yesterday's photos.

Plans for tomorrow:



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