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Boss is out this week but he had given me three test cases to look at and send step-by-steps to the automation team. The first one hit a snag because the specs had changed since the case was written, in a way which changed it from a simple 6 steps to a more complex 9. And then it hit a dead end when it failed, and the person who is the expert (I needed a verification) was not available for the rest of the day.

Somewhere in there I went to Togo's for lunch and drew a trainee, whose trainer hit a dead end when she looked up at the back of the chips rack to find that the cheat sheet was missing which tells them what goes into each kind of sandwich. She sent someone to fix that, but meanwhile took over making the sandwich, and even though I said, and she repeated that it was for here, she made it to go. And she forgot the mustard. FAIL.

Since I was at a full stop, I ducked out a little early to pick up two packages at UPS and then went to Toyota for their new owners' celebration. A festival of miscommunication. The info desk woman said it was in the next building, across two parking lots. Nope. Another receptionist came out and directed us to the first building, upstairs. The only signage was right in front of the room. Nice training room, and they had warm sodas and three types of sandwiches and cookies. I had a late lunch and a snack just before, so I didn't have anything.

There was a slide show, with some videos played from the fleet sales manager's laptop. Kind of small, but good enough. He went through a lot of the features of Toyota cars, and since almost everyone in there bought a Prius he went into a lot of detail on the in-dash system and some other hybrid stuff. One revelation: the Prius battery fully charged is only good for about an hour/20 miles, making it "the world's most expensive golf cart". There was a handout which had a spreadsheet showing $$ per x miles at $/gal at xMPG, designed for nobody to actually read. I had done this spreadsheet but only at $5/gal before I decided on the Corolla. The Prius only saves about $3k in gas over 5 years but costs $10k more.

There were about 30 people there, and of course the rude and inconsiderate parents with the very vocal toddler sat right behind me, after it was too late to change seats. What should have been a 30-minute presentation went 90 because half the class had a bevy of inane questions, comments and nonsequiters they needed to blurt out. Okay, so they all raised their hands first.

I put a crimp in his presentation when he wanted to show the fancy electronic-coded key which the Corolla comes with, but I had already gutted it so my after-market alarm's dongle would work correctly. I tried to warn him, but I guess rental salespeople never see after-market stuff on their vehicles.

The best part was I was able to connect with the person responsible for getting me the refund for the botched backup camera install, she said they would have a check for me tomorrow. And their head of customer relations was there, and as I suspected nobody had clued her in to the license plate debacle, she promised to look into it and call me tomorrow. It's possible, she said, that the plates had been returned to the DMV (but then the DMV would have notified me. no?).

I did learn some interesting things about ABS brakes and some Federally-mandated-as-of-2013 safety features which are in my car.

The two packages were a box of ink cartridges for the wireless inkjet and a replacement for the munged cargo holder, in a big but light box. I emptied the one in the trunk, threw it away along with the boxes, and tried to assemble the new on in the trunk, but it just wasn't bright enough so I took it inside, and I wasn't bright enough. It's on the livingroom floor 3/4 assembled but that last 1/4 is a bad word.

Dinner, reheated the brisket from last night and a croissant, but that wasn't enough so I heated up about 8 pieces of pre-cooked bacon. And then bananas and ice cream for dessert.

All of that while replaying the after-birth edition of The Bachelorette, which ended with them announcing the next bachelor. This guy was one of the loser contestants, apparently, he is very handsome and though he's American he grew up in South America and has that accent. Semi-pro soccer player. The WTF moment was when he showed pictures of his baby girl. He got his girlfriend pregnant but it "didn't work out". Sounds like he dumped her, and is happy she got custody. Bastardo.

Last weekend in the city reminded me how much I like the little neighborhood at the end of the Ocean Beach line. I have to go back there, but need a weekend day when the marine layer is out to sea. Also, one of my FB friends in Moro Bay says the humpback whales are running, close enough to shore to see from the beach. Maybe weekend after next I'll drive down there.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe hang out at Starbucks

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