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Over the Hump

Up late again. Every time I have some event at night I push bedtime that much later. Woke up at 9:30,  totally surprised me. Got to work an hour later, still stumped by the issue from the day before. Finally got the Expert to go over the bug with me, decided it was a new bug.

Usually when we find something this blatant, we install the previous build to see if it was there then. The test case docs indicated it was working in a build three months ago, so I fired that one up - and it did not work correctly. The tester only checked to see that the right error messages displayed, he did not check that the feature actually worked correctly. So I went back about a year, and it still failed.

Something this important doesn't usually make it through so many tests unnoticed, so I emailed engineering with the "is it a bug or a feature?" question. They are looking into it. May not have an answer till next week, what with vacations.

So I went on to the next one on my list, and got that written up in a format which automation can turn into a test suite. One test case is really about 40 tests this time.

Home, sausages, corn & sauerkraut for dinner. Took out the garbage, and then put the tall wastebasket into which I had been dumping the cat poo, wheeled it out to the dumpster and unloaded. It was all in a big black trash bag, tied up, so no worries. While I ate I watched HLN's play by play of the trial where this redneck who killed his stepson and blamed his biological son, is trying to get his son off the hook by saying he lied when he blamed his son. To me it looked like they did it together.

Managed to assemble the cargo holder. The instructions did not point out that the netting had an up side and a down side. Once I figured that out, and realized there was a much neater way than theirs to set the tension strap, it only took a couple of minutes.

Domino parked herself on the couch for the first time in months, and let me cut off a lot of her mats. But when I started getting near the worst ones she made rude noises and got ready to be elsewhere, so I left it at that. She has very fine undercoat fur, and it gets tangled easily.

The "World's Best Cat Litter" turns out to be the worst for the machines - it doesn't clump neatly, and it seems to intensify the urine smell. I had to vacuum the area all around the machines because it spills out the sides. Back to Arm & Hammer, but I need to make sure I get the right type.

One of my photog friends is now editor in chief of an online photo magazine, NSW stuff, but not pron. I subscribed and looked at the first issue (which someone else edited) and the last two (which he did) and have to say his is a vast improvement. But we differ a lot on what we like to shoot and look at, he's a lot more hardcore than I am, and is more into what they call Fashion™ - models wearing tons of makeup, or ludicrous wigs, or lots of bling. But out of the two issues of his I looked at, there were only a couple of pieces I would have sent pink slips to.

Toyota failed me again. No contact from the customer relations person. I emailed her at 9:55 pm and she answered 10 minutes later that her child was injured at school. I suppose I believe her, but doubt if that took up so much time that she couldn't have texted me sometime today.

Also, I phoned to find out if the business office had my check, but they transferred me to the used car office and it went to voicemail. I didn't have time to go there today, anyway.

Plans for tomorrow:
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