Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Today is Reno Worldcon's LJ birthday

Big whoop.

Last night was another late one, thanks to rehearsals, and then dinner, and LJ. And pain. My left knee is at it again, very sharp deep pain started to be random, now it's all the time I am walking. And when I am in bed and roll over. Took 3 night-time tylenol, which knocked me out so well that despite the usual waking up to pee it was 10 am before my head was clear enough to get up and go to the office.

Not that there was much to do. And I had to really dig & be inventive to do a weekly report which wasn't mostly white space.

One of those things was trolling YouTube for tutorials and deeper info on the new video compression, called HEVC aka H.265. There was a lot of crap from last year's trade shows, but I did manage to fine three things worth reporting on in my weekly. None of which any of the three of you reading this would be interested in.

Went to Denny's for lunch, I really like their buttermilk pancakes, and the one I go to for lunch has fast service.

Candy Crush has become a minor addiction. I can quit any time, I swear. I don't care anymore if I get to the next level, I just enjoy watching the little icons move and morph and explode, and since the only intelligence I apply is looking for opportunities to make 4 or 5 in a row by moving just one, it's pretty mindless entertainment.

One thing at work I don't know whether to be pissed about or pleased about. One of the other testers stole one of my bug verifications, and it was one which takes about 2 hours minimum to do. I could have used the work. So I'm pissed that I didn't get to do that one. But I'm pleased that he was able to follow my very long step-by-step instructions and verify they fixed the bug.

A Facebook friend in Morro Bay (whom I met because he managed a jazz band down there which played at the SLO station for National Train Day a few years ago) posted that he could see the humpback whales from his patio. I was at his house for a concert/party and he lives quite a ways from the water. So I checked with the one whale watching boat down there and they said they were having some engine problems but they should be fixed by Sunday. I was planning on a Monday trip, since there is so little to do at work and I have about 2 weeks' PTO accrued. I'll leave after coffee with Janice Sunday and stay overnight somewhere close enough to make it to the 8:45 am show-up time.

I would bail on Janice, but we missed the last 2 weekends, and she is off to Fiji next week.

Plans for tomorrow? None yet.

One nice thing about being late this morning is when I opened the patio blinds, there was a hummingbird feeding from the catmints plants. First hummingbird I've seen on this side of the apartments.

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