Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Rare Mid Day Update

2 pm and I am exhausted.
Insomnia night - finally asleep after 3

morning stuff, not in the same order as usual because ADD/OCD/BS
The dispenser in the shower ran out of body wash but not until I had used what I needed. Shampoo and conditioner were at half
Took the body wash container out nd put it on the sink to worry about later, because there was a load of shirts in the dryer which needed to be fluffed and hung up.
Online, backup fo C: still had an hour to go
Solved many of the world's problems on Facebook. Read more of them on Twitter.
Took Moira's opera/comedy concert off my calendar because if I'm driving to Morro Bay tomorrow evening I don't want two late nights in a row before getting on a boat.
Out on the patio by 10:45, took photos of the flowers and the cats, but no hummingbirds showed up. I love this new lens, it is sharp and gets the exposures right most of the time. I knew when I bought it that it is not a macro lens, so I have to be about 3 feet from the subject  before it will focus. And it is all telephoto, 55mm minimum, which means no wide shots. Which is why I bought the 18-85mm last night. If I was still doing this for a living, I would buy a second camera body. Oh wait, I do have a D90 in one of my camera cases. Hmmm.

Fluffed the shirts, then forgot about them because the cat pee smell in the office/litterbox room was overwhelming. I had it on my whiteboard as a to-do, so I emptied both litterboxes into the trash can I'd bought for that. It required some trowel work, things were caked up. So much for "clumping" cat litter. Wiped them down with Clorox wipes, vacuumed about 5 lbs of litter from under where the machines had been, re-arranged them perpendicular to each other instead of parallel, filled them with Arm & Hammer clumping litter, and we'll see how that works. The World's Best clumping litter mostly didn't clump. maybe good for manual scooping, but not for the machine. I really don't want to pay for the Littermaid stuff, but it did clump like a boss, as they say in the hood these days. Sorry, dayz.

That was a lot of work, I ran through two sweatbands.

Washed up. Made some of my famous lime seltzer, some of which is hydrating the top of the microwave because a lime quarter leaped out of my fingers and into the glass at about 40 mph.

Turned the dryer on fluff again. Watched some football from the recliner, had a Klondike bar (mint) and when I was fully recovered, took the shirts out of the dryer and put the laundry basket on the bed. Watched more football, decided it was better as background noise, turned it to the same channel in the bedroom and went about hanging up the shirts.

The Tivo in the bedroom is a different model than the one in the livingroom, and there's a delay between the two. Amusing and annoying at the same time.

Shirts done, put a load of the heavier colored stuff into the washer.

Somehow time has managed to pass (blame Facebook and Candy Crush) without lunch. The last load is in the dryer now, I am on the patio with the laptop and two sleeping cats. Domino is on the chair next to me, it has a cushion. Kaan has stuffed himself into the cat bed on the floor by the wall. It is too small for him. I really need to get him a bigger one. Small dog size.

It's a beautiful day, I really should get outside, but the patio gives that illusion.
Tags: cats, computer cooking, football, life, photography

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