Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I am not a fan

The books I enjoy most are science fiction. I go to science fiction conventions and am a member of basfa because many of the people there have read many of the same books, have a decent grasp of science, and have a sense of humor which extends to jokes around science and science fiction.

When I was in grade school I read Superman and Batman comics, but I didn't collect them, study them or care who drew or wrote them. I also enjoyed the TV shows. But I lost interest in comics long before Marvel became a power. I don't enjoy most of the current crops of movies nearly as much as I would if they weren't so gratuitously violent.

Back to books. Fans will read a book over and over, to the point of memorizing big chunks if not the whole book. They will look at the characters as if they were real, and will often go as far as to find other fans with whom to role-play and cosplay. Okay that applies to movies as well. I know and like many people who do this, and I can understand it, but I won't go there. There are so many books and movies worth reading and seeing that I just can't see abandoning them to spend most of my waking hours on just one book or series.

I don't play video or computer games. Again, I know and like many people who do. Frankly, I suck at them. The people who write them don't think the way I think, so except for first person shooters (which get boring quickly for me) my early efforts cured me.

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