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Much Humping Today

So to speak. Not that kind :-(

Lots of miscellaneous stuff got done at work. Toyota said they needed the actual original signed Reg17 so at lunchtime I went home and got it, and dropped it off at their business office for the DMV lady who was out to lunch. I emailed her and Customer Relations gal that I had done so, and when she was back from lunch DMV lady replied she would bring it in tomorrow. I really don't think this will happen, because she is a non-native (Arab) speaker and at the DMV she probably talked to a non-native (Mexican or Chinese) speaker and was told she could get the plates "if no one else has that name". Well, I have that name.

On my way back to work I stopped by BestBuy intending to buy a Nexus 7 and refuse delivery on the one their online people lied to me about. They told me on the 7th it had shipped and would be in my UPS box in 2 days. UPS tracking says they did not actually get it to them till the 13th, and if I see it by the 16th I'm lucky.

But looking at the Nexus, it is a lot bigger than I expected, and heavier. It may have only a 7" screen, but the bezel is another 1.5 inches or more. The Kindle Fire HD is on sale, so I fired up my Amazon app and ordered one. It should be in the UPS box Friday.

1-on-1 with the boss went well, he showed me his photos of the finished White Wat of Chiang Mai (he had seen mine from 2005 when it was just starting to take shape). And he had not seen my Morro Bay stuff, so I showed those to him. He was impressed by the breach photos and the flukes. And he said ok to my taking time off next week to do it again. So I put in for Mon-Tue. I have no commitments for the weekend, so the plan is to drive down on Saturday, and spend 3 nights, with trips on Sunday and Monday, though Sunday I may do a fishing charter or go to the Hearst Castle. I've never been there, but then again, it's a lot of walking.

Something of possible passing interest to susandennis: A couple of days ago I saw a note on Logitech's site which said they heard all the moaning and groaning of the customers, and added a menu item to the UE radio which converts it into a Squeezebox. So tonight I took my UE off the eBay pile and applied the patch, and now it's in the bathroom synced to the bedroom radio. The kitchen & computer room boxes are synced to each other - but I could syn them all if I wanted. Something the UE won't allow.
I was at the bat cave Starbucks earlier, but their wi-fi was dead slow, and windows had 11 updates to install, so I came home and am using the laptop to wrote this. The update took no time at all with the 5GHz connection.

Domino is glaring at me. I moved the TV tray rack against the wall, and moved the floor fan from the bedroom to in front of it. Lately her two favorite places to hide and make more mats in her tummy fur have been the space behind the TV tray rack and the space between the legs of the floor fan and the bedroom wall. I set up a tray table in the bedroom and moved the table fan there, she may decide to hide under there, which is okay because it has a lot more space.

Left to do tonight:
Find a particular episode online from season 1 of Who Do You Think You Are?
Make hotel reservations for th weekend trip
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