Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Unexpected Surprise

Started the day at Kaiser MV pharmacy, arguing with a pharmacist who could not see his way clear to saying that my current insulin syringes are better than the new ones he was "consulting" with me about, because his brain could not wrap around the concept that 46 units on a 100-unit, 1 ml syringe is equal to 0.46 units on a 1-unit, 1 ml syringe. An insulin unit is .1 ml. My new insulin 5x stronger than regular insulin, and instead of taking 230 units a day,  I'm supposed to take 0.46 ml. That's 46 units. The new syringes are meant for TB victims, and are much harder to read, and the needles are 4x longer. I'm using the old syringes.

At work I had a bowl of oatmeal at 10 and took my .46 ml dose at 10:30, and took Hgl readings roughly every hour, and they were way high, mid-200s for the most part, 157 was the low. I was not impressed with this new insulin.

Work was kind of slow. I started scoping out a suite of 3 test cases to automate, but discovered the automation team has not developed a crucial function which all three need, so I'm stuck.

I made reservations for a motel in Morro bay for Saturday-Tues last night. Today I reserved space on the 1 pm whale watching trips Sun and Mon. The plan is to take my time getting there Saturday (check-in is after 3 pm), and maybe go on a fishing charter Tuesday. Maybe not, though, because the fishing charters leave at the crack of OMG and they come back with cod. Either way, I will be stocking up on Dramamine.

Home, shot up the second dose of super insulin, this time a mere 32 units, had a light dinner, put a tube of glucose tablets in my pocket just in case, and went to band practice. At about 8 pm I needed to pop a tablet. Ate all three by the time we were done at 9:30, and really felt the impact of a low Hgl episode when I got home. 93 reading, which is just on this side of Human for me.

So I did some serious overkill, had a Klondike bar to level off, then made a banana smoothie, and finished up with a croissant. 247, yeah overdid that. We'll see what it reads in the morning. Or sooner if it goes low during the night.

Plans for tomorrow:
Shopping for the trip
Also need more kitty litter, probably the Littermaid brand this time
And I need more glucose tablets. I'm down to about 5 at work. Of course at work I have a lot of other caloric options.
Tags: diabetes, drugs, food, medical tmi, whales

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