Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

End of the week, start of mini-vacation

The usual stuff at work, nothing worth mentioning.
Except I continued to take Hgl readings every hour. At 11, diabetes doc called as planned, and we adjusted the morning dose upward and the evening dose downward. It is great to not have to carry insulin pens anymore, and not have to shoot up before meals, especially meals in public.

Lunch was at Togo's. I looked up the nut rition values, and it was something like 1100 calories for a #9 and clam chowder. Balanced that out with a diet cola.

After work first stop was Petco, bought 50# box of A&H clumping odor-fighting litter. 50# is heavy.

Next, to UPS, picked up the Kindle Fire and refused the Google Nexus. Traffic was horrible on El Camino, 1.5 miles took 15 minutes.

Then back to the Safeway next to Petco, because they are bigger than the one nearer home and I had some stuff on my list which the smaller store may not carry.

Got everything on my list, technically, but they did not have the big bottles of glucose tablets, only the 10-tablet pocket sized tubes. And those were behind the pharmacy window, go figure.

One of the items on my list was munchies for the trip, and since it was close to the entrance I checked out the gluten-free section and picked up a few munchie items which looked like they may be edible. Also got some bananas, wheat thins, cheese-its. They had two kinds of Dramamine, I got one of each. Also got some Tylenol to keep in the car, and upped my sunscreen to SPF 50 waterproof. Final thing was a 6-pack of diet Coke plastic bottles (because they have screw-on caps and are safer in the car than cans, and don't go flat as fast.)

Next stop: Rite Aid for a big bottle of glucose tablets, a neoprene sleeve for my knee, and a couple of dark chocolate PeterPaul mounds, which were half price.

Home by way of World Oil, which has similar prices to Costco without the 20-minute wait. Even though I had not filled up since returning from Atascadero, there was still 1/4 tank left.

One of the week's exercises was looking on Google Maps for ways to take I-5 instead of 101. I-5 is freeway all the way, 101 is not, especially going through and a bit past Salinas. There is one point where construction has moved the road so much my GPS thinks I'm lost. But it turns out that it takes more than an hour to get to and from I-5, so it adds about an hour to the trip, and in return I would be in hotter weather with not a lot of scenery.

So it's 101.

After I file this, I'll get on the map, maybe AAA's map, and look for places to stop along the way, because I have 6 hours to make a 3-hour trip.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drive. Vacate. Arrive at Travelodge Morro Bay after 3 pm.
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