Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Still experimenting

This time the low blood sugar hit as I was coming into port with the whale watching tour. More on that later.

woke up about three times between 5 and 7, did my morning stuff, went downstairs to have the motel's continental breakfast, which was a cruel joke. It was a smash and grab, no seating at all, and there were only small stale muffins and danish-like objects, plus some sort of cereal and milk. No juice.

Checked the camera - battery was dead. I had left the GPS unit on. It eats camera battery when its battery is used up. I had two spares with me.

Drove down to public parking and grabbed a spot near the whale tours, and wandered around with the 16-85mm lens. It was very foggy, hardly took any pix. One reason is the sunblock on my right eyelid leaked into my eye. I was four blocks from the car, but when I got there I was able to fix that by opening the water bottle and holding the top against my eye. It fit perfectly as an eye wash.

It stayed foggy all day, but by the time we left for the tour at about 1, the top layer had burned off so the whole trip was squint central.

We did not see much. we were about 4 miles out before we saw any whales, and it was just one who kept far from the boat. Toward the end,  we did find a pair traveling together, but it was in the mist. Most of the people on the boat had never seen a whale before, and we saw enough for it to be a big thrill for them. But last week spoiled me.

Ran out of battery just as the action started. The clue from the camera is is stops focusing. :-( Popped in second backup, but there wasn't much to photograph. It got more and more foggy as the afternoon wore on.

I OD-ed on Bonine, i thought, but it turned out to be low blood sugar. went straight from the dock to the restaurant, and the clam chowder made me human again. Dutchman restaurant survives on its location, not its food or service. Bread pudding was just bread and eggs, no other ingredients, and was delivered still mostly cold. Clam chowder was very thick, and lacking severely in the advertised bacon.

Back to the motel, crashed for 90 minutes.

Found the Italian place over looking the bay which had a banner saying steaks, but it only offered one cut, plus something made from rolled tr-tip. I had that. Two things - One - it was loaded with pepper, two - it was so dark in there I could not tell where the sauce ended and the meat began. On top of the late lunch it was impossible to even make a dent.

The staff was excellent, it made me feel bad for the meal.

Back at the motel, one camera battery on the charger, the GPS on another, the Kindle on a third and the laptop on its brick. Just discovered two AC outlets on the front of the microwave.

Glad i brought eye drops.

Plans for tomorrow:

Breakfast across the street
Stay in the motel until lunchtime
Lunch by the waterfront
whale tour at 1 (yes, again)

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