Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Oh well

The weather was much better today, no fog banks, lots of direct sun, the the whales were numerous, but the skipper kept us fr from them. :-(

So, no photos which even come close to the ones I took in the mist last week.

I did, however, get a "frequent flyer" discount.

Breakfast was a banana at the motel and lunch was an apple turnover at the bakery.

After the boat ride I found the local Albertson's, about 3 minutes from the motel. So one HUGE vote of no confidence for the last motel, which had no idea where there was a grocery open at 9 pm. Picked up some more diet coke, and some munchies, and because they were there, a box of Twinkies.

Drove to the waterfront for inner, lots of misses. "Thai Bounty" was my first choice, I was even wearing a Thailand T-shirt. But there was some old guy playing 80s rock music on an electric keyboard, so I just turned right around and left. Oyster Rock cafe also had someone playing music, which is their thing, but they were not open for food. Of The Hook was closed.  So was Giovanni's. As I walked inside the Seafood Galley, the guy at the lectern was telling a couple it was a 90 minute wait, so I didn't. Rose's did not look like my kind of food, but upstairs is Fish Bonez, which has a small but appealing menu. I kind of wanted steak and seafood, but they had this killer seafood combo which had no fried stuff, so I got that. It was excellent except it is not such a good plan to put scored but solid crab claws in the marinara sauce. It was on a bed of very nice medium-width flat pasta which made it better than cioppino. Loved it. I would have had dessert, but there was no chocolate on the menu. How absurd!  Service was friendly and fast, 20% tip.

Had to move my car to the other side of the block to avoid violating the -hour green zone rule. Had dessert at Suns and Buns Bakery. I could live there. Pistachio ice cream and an eclair.

And here I am back at the motel.

Plans for tomorrow:
Do my morning routine
switch to cutoffs and a button-down shirt
check out of the motel around 10
Probably drive home by way of Hwy 46, past Hearst Castle but probably not in view of it. The theory being that the road from 101 to Hearst would get more attention than the one to Morro Bay. But I'll check Google maps first. And maybe AAA.

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