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Virtual Monday

But it felt like a Wednesday anyway, despite the 4-day weekend. Fully recovered from my vacation, including entering all the credit card slips into Quicken.

Work was typical, I was 2/3 done with a script when I got stuck because Automation's documentation sucks. And Automation Guy took and early lunch and was in meetings after. Finally got him to take a look, and it was simple but completely non-intuitive. But it worked. Tomorrow I'll send it in for the programmers to finish up, which I can't do because it has to run on one of their machines using machine-specific proprietary license files.

Last night after I journaled the remembery said the Seagals 2003-4 calendar release party was last week, so I went to their site to see what the new calendar was like. Unfortunately it is the same blah FAIL as last year's. So I went instead with teams which understand that a cheerleader needs her own month, and if you have 40 cheerleaders like the Seahawks do, you have to show some tough lust and go with just as many photos as you have months on the calendar. Seagals are cramming three per page, which makes them too small and creates too busy a design.

So instead I went with:
Redskins (My only repeat - a 15-month calendar with brilliant photography and design)
Colts (just to try something different)
Buccaneers (possibly the most attractive cheerleaders)
Ravens (because they are almost Washington and have a similar design)
Saints (because NOLA women have a reputation to uphold. Maybe "uphold" is the wrong word.)

On the walls from last season are
Dallas (inconsistent)
Jets (boring photography. Photog thinks it's all about the location)
Dolphins (boring photography, and they slap two smaller images of the pinup girl on the lower right of the main image)
Redskins, as mentioned above

In the dumpster:
Seagals 2013.

Which reminds me, I need to take out the garbage soon.

Before lunch I looked up places which claimed to have the Nexus 7 32GB in stock, and GameStop came up a winner. So that's where I went at lunchtime, and my next stop was UPS to return the Kindle Fire. When I had picked it up, the UPS guy had wanted to know how I liked it (Amazon ships in a clearly labeled box) and was surprised I didn't. In that same strip mall is a classy looking place called Ocean Blue Sushi Club. This is a huge place, good for  three company team lunches at a time, but at 1:15 it was so empty that the hostess was not at the front door, and it took a good (or bad) 5 minutes for someone to take my order. The food was very good, not as expensive as it could have been.

After work, home, sat out on the patio with the Nexus plugged in (it had about half a charge), set it up, and it actually grabbed all my Android phone stuff from my Google account, including the wallpaper photo of Domino in the window and the locked device wallpaper of the park bench.

It seems lighter than the Fire, and it is more comfortable to hold in portrait mode. Very smooth Youtube playback on my 5GHz wireless connection, and Kindle app worked better on it than on the Fire. More accurate "last page read" and easier brightness adjustment.

It's basically the computer part of the Android phone, minus the phone functions and fees. After it finishes charging I need to see ho to turn off the keyboard click. The voice recognition so far has been flawless. But give it time,,,

Marie Calendar's roast chicken frozen dinner & the last of the chocolate chunk ice cream. While watching the Tivo replay of the Seahawks-Denver game, in which the theory is completely demolished which says the team which controls the ball for the most minutes wins. Denver has a superb team, but Seattle was far more opportunistic. And they have more attractive uniforms. And the best helmet logo in the NFL. One nice touch is a walk-on from the University of Washington was one of the stars of the game. Great to see a hometown boy show up the draftees.

Have also been looking online for a used 3-valve Baritone horn/euphonium. Starving Musician's prices are too high, so I may sell them the 4-valve one I have now. Lots of promising junkers on eBay where the shipping fee may be higher than the high bid. Fine, if the horn plays.

Plans for tomorrow:
YOTB rehearsal (last one before Sunday's concert)
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