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Day of Mon

NovaBak support had no answer to my question. Some bozoid named Jack sent the canned response, and when I explained that this was not the answer, he replied that he sent me the instructions. I replied that he did not answer my question, which I restated. And that's where he left it.

Downloaded Acronis, to be installed when I get home from work.

Work - some attempts at scripting. TBC
Lunch at Carl's Jr because it's close and they have shakes and there are no Burger Kings close by
Fry's, returned the bogus Nexus cover/stand. Idiot returns person kept asking me if my iPad worked. As if I had an iPad. As if it mattered if I did.
Home, spent some patio time with David Gerrold's Voyage of the Sea Wolf and thankfully I was right, after he got the scipt-like scene setting out of the way, it's a fast-moving adventure.

Watched some of the Titans-Atlanta game, was pleased to see Tenn. win handily.

Installed Acronis, it doesn 't back up RAID 5 drives, so that's a FAIL.

Set up a backup with Norton Security Suite, but it's full backup only. FAIL.

More research needed.

Plans for tomorrow:
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