Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Thought it was Wednesday

Took my W drugs this morning. Probably was hoping to magically not have to attend the useless all-hands meeting. Once again the top people from the new company waste our time with a marketing presentation 100% of which were things we already knew and did not particularly care about and definitely did not need to be a captive audience for. Hgl reading was about 120. Good.

Before leaving for work I tossed the broken vacuum cleaner. It joined a bicycle, an office chair and a computer tower case, among other garbage.

Did some lightweight scripting work. Cow-orker helped me past a script language documentation fail.

Lunch at Sizzler, instead of salad had the rib eye. Pretty good, but a little too much fat.

Barrage of package delivery email, and reminder that tonight was the America's Cup event at Computer History.

Also spent 20 minutes in chat with Acronis,  trying to find which of their products will backup a RAID 5 array incrementally. Got the answer just as nature called. She wanted to sell me the $75 package, which is a fair price, but I needed t do the trial, so I logged off.

Booked Amtrack, event and hotel for the Sacramento Jazz Festival which has moved to the suburbs - Rancho Cordova Marriott. The Marriott is booked and too expensive, so I reserved something at their 2 miles away Courtyard, but that turned out to be a mile of walking, so I canceled that and booked the Red Roof Inn, which is on the next light rail stop west. And costs less, too.

Left work early to make it to the apartment office. No place to park - nasty greedy people put their second urban assault vehicles there, which they are not supposed to do while the office is open. Parked at my usual slot and walked back, and sure enough it was the vacuum cleaner. Should have gotten my dolly, but it's a long walk, so I just put the thing over my shoulder and huffed and puffed my way home. Dumped that in the foyer, locked the door, drove the UPS. Two packages - a medium Fedex box - Tampa Bay cheerleaders' calendar overly protected. And bags for the Eureka vacuum. Which is going back into storage.

The 7-11, Amazon locker, a Sony DVD player to replace the LG in the bedroom which decided it won't play beyond the FBI warning.

Then onto 101, and the CHM for a very entertaining and educational conversation with three of the Oracle America's Cup team, one of whom not only holds the around-the-world sailing speed record, but also designed the electronic first yard line used in NFL games, as well as the strike zone tracker for baseball. And the graphics for the America's cup TV coverage. Stan Honey. Amazing man. There were also two crew members, both they had southern hemisphere accents so I didn't catch most of what they said.

Home, with a small poster and a bumper sticker.

Put together the vacuum cleaner, that was easy. Replaced the LG DVD player with the Sony. Sony player is half the size. Programmed the bedroom Logitech Harmony remote for the new DVD player, worked great, and played the DVD just fine.

Unboxed the calendar, it looks excellent. Starts in September, which is something I like about the better cheerleader calendars.

Opened the packet of vacuum bags, they are the right ones. Tucked them into the cord on the machine.

Plans for tomorrow:


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