Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Wednesday moved to Thursday

I wanted to get a dental cleaning today, but they only had tomorrow available. So tomorrow it is.
Boss postponed our 1-on-1 till tomorrow too.

At work early, spent a lot of time trying to make a script work with variables so the automation team can take it from a functional test to a stress test, but the coder software wouldn't cooperate.

Home after work, patio/cat time still reading Gerrold's book. It is pretty good, though I'm not clicking on the main character. And after no mention of it for 1/3 of the book, he has two different sex scenes in a row.

Started an Acronis full backup of drive E a little after 6 pm. It will probably take 24 hours.

Dinner was pork ribs from Costco, the kind which don't have to be refrigerated but I did anyway. And baked beans. And mint chocolate chip ice cream. Tillamook's. Not as good as I expected, wrong texture, too solid.

Back inside, continued reading, was interrupted by Kaan jumping up on my lap, stomach, shoulders and the back of the recliner, head-butting me and rubbing his whole 5-foot-long body against my face. Purring to beat the band. I enjoy his shenanigans, until he knocks my glasses off.

Plans for tomorrow:
Probably UPS, the baritone will probably arrive late in the day

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