Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Turds Day

Nah, not that bad. Good, actually. Almost all plans A were achieved.

Work was another fun day of looking for tests to automate. Found one.

By lunchtime UPS said I had 3 packages, the baritone horn and two calendars. Went there, then to the strip mall where my dentist is located, and killed time by browsing through the Asian supermarket next door. Have to go there after work some time soon, they have lots of stuff I like, stuff which would not survive 4 hours in the hot trunk of the car.

Dental cleaning revealed a cavity under one of my fillings. She was able to pull out the filling, drill out the cavity and fill it back all without pain or anesthetics. The polishing afterward by the assistant was more painful (she kept getting the rotary thing too close to my lower lip). Next appt in March.

Home, unloaded the packages. Walked to the mailbox, it was all junk.

Unpacked the baritone, and as I expected the box was mostly Styrofoam peanuts. The auction said the case was defective, but it looks fine, and is exactly the same as the one for my 4-valve horn, plus two side snaps. I oiled the valves and tried it out. I'm not sure the tone is as good as the other horn. First valve is a little too big - it took a lot of tries to get it back in place after oiling it. But once in place, all the valves worked, all the slides do too. My first chance to try it with the band isn't till Sept. 12.

Two calendars were Ravens and Redskins. Both look great on the outside. Will hang them up next week (they all start in September).

Tivo messed up and instead of recording the 49ers game, it picked the Raiders/Seahawks game on both channels. I have it set to record all three teams, this is the first time there were three channels to see them on.

Halftime, decided to check out the open-till-10 Starbucks by the UPS store. It's a drive-through, so while it is quiet inside, they get business outside. Some eye candy, even with only 3 other customers. And a cute barista.

I should fuel the car on the way home. If the place I like best is open this late.

Plans for tomorrow:

Home, pack for Sacto.

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