Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Early Report

Because I need to shoot up, have dinner, pack and get to bed early.

Work was spent mostly beating up the scripting program which refused to run the automation-created procedures so I had to build my own.

Lunch at Denny's. Note to chef: when the customer orders an omelet with bacon and sausage bits, those go inside the omelet, not on top. Note to waitress: if the English muffin is carbonized, do not deliver it to the customer.

Home, ignoring the email that another calendar is waiting at UPS for pickup. Will get that Tuesday.

Tested the new DVD player, and it was able to play the whole DVD which the LG could not. It also did an automatic update over the network. Domino Kaan did serial cat-watching-DVD on the bed. Domino just sat next to my head and watched till she got bored. Kaan started next to my head but needed to push his face between mine and the TV and purr loudly every 3 minutes. Then he splayed out across the foot of the bed.

Plans for tomorrow:
Last minute packing
Amtrak, park and get a parking permit if there are any spaces, otherwise park downtown and take the bus to Diridon. Caltrain has a huge lot there, but those effers don't let you park for more than 24 hours.
Capitol Corridor to Sacramento, Gold line light rail to Red Roof Inn, Rancho Cordova to park my stuff, then gold line to the Marriott for the jazz festival.

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