Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I'm Done

- with the jazz festival. I have heard all the groups, some more than once, and by 6 tonight it was clear that from here on in it would all be repeats. On final tally, there were only three dixieland groups worth listening to. There was one student group which was somewhat painful to hear, and another group which thought Elvis was a jazz singer.

All the other groups were either gospel or soft stuff.

Today most groups were playing 3 sets or more, merely rotating rooms. Tomorrow will be more of the same.

I had enough fun to justify the trip and the price of the ticket.

I left a little after 5, having been disappointed by a group called Gator Beat and confirming Yve's group as soft stuff. I walked up the block to the brand new steak house which had a banner ad across from the hotel, but it is closed weekends. WTF?

I was going to use my day pass to take light rail to Folsom for dinner, but they stop running there at 7. So I took it downtown instead to have dinner at Old Town, having misread the schedule as being running till 11. Had dinner, it was good but over-priced (big tourist celebration in Old Town this weekend) and walked back to the train station. It was 9:16. The readerboard said the last train left at 8:53. Boo. Hiss. $50 taxi ride to the motel, but at least it only took 18 minutes compared to light rail's 49, plus 5-minute walk.

My "please make up the room" sign was still on th door knob. Uh-oh. But the bed was made. Went into the bathroom - no bath towels. Awkward. I will yell at the front desk in the morning. I may actually have a morning swim, which will solve some of that problem if there are towels at the pool. I'll have to scope that out in the morning.

Plans for tomorrow:
Check out at 11
Light rail to the downtown station
Check to see if I can use my ticket on an earlier train to SJ.

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