Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Some things about my trip to Rancho Cordova, which is a suburb of Sacramento.

  • Every time I arrived at a light rail station, it was halfway between trains (they run every half hour)
  • In all 7 or 8 light rail trips, I was never asked to show a ticket
  • There are a lot of smokers out there, and the light rail stations are not smoke-free zones
  • Every light rail trip included at least 6 bicycles on the train, but there are no special provisions for bikes
  • There are special provisions for wheel chairs and walkers
    • the front of the train always stops at a platform level with the floor of the train
    • Anyone with a wheelchair, cane, walker or stroller or a service animal or a blind person's cane can use this entry/exit. And their whole extended family with them.
    • This requires the driver to get out of the cab, unlatch the safety panel, and then re-latch it. PITA.

  • The pedestrian traffic signals are programmed to be mean and stupid. If you push the button 1 second after the light turns green, you have to wait through the entire cycle (about 4-5 minutes) for the WALK light



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