Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Back to the salt mines

Actual salt mines on the SE shores of San Francisco Bay.

I thought today would be a nothing day at work, but it started with an emergency customer support issue which I thought we had resolved months ago. I volunteered to set up a pair of machines to simulate the issue, but the support engineer ended up using someone else's, and one of the engineers who designed that part of the software also did his bit. So I ended up being mostly useless.

Now tomorrow looks like it will be a nothing day.

Lunch at Andy's BBQ, big portions, I took 2 ribs home.

UPS had two things for me, a huge sack of cat food which I needed a week ago (Petco sucks at delivering online orders) and the Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders calendar. Unfortunately, it's really just a 2014 12-month one with a couple of half-page pinups squeezed onto two pages which also have grids showing the last 4 months of the year. It'll go up in January, which looks delightful.

Stopped in at Rite Aid because I was out of Ibuprofen and beta carotene. Also picked up an elbow brace - I twisted or sprained my right elbow two days ago, it hurts. The brace helps.

Wondered why my $120 Bose earbuds did not work in the Nexus 7 on the trip, and the answer was amusing. They need to be shoved in hard. Tried that, and it worked.

Last night I had a serious low Hgl - 70 at 4 am - which needed three Klondike bars. 9 am reading was 147, which is decent.

The Acronis backup of E: which started this morning finished at 7:34 pm. That was pretty fast. and at 8:10 pm it finished an incremental backup. I thought I told it not to do that till Friday. Hmmm. Acronis sales guy called this afternoon to see how it was going, he'd read and understood my email. I told him they need to fix the product so it recognizes Windows network drives.

Plans for tomorrow:
Put away laundry

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