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Mister Eclectic

Going to Bed Early

does not mean getting more sleep. Before falling asleep, I:
Read some more of Just One Damned Thing After Another (The Chronicles of St Mary's) but put it down in disgust when, with only a couple of chapters to go, she gets the whole expedition captured by the heavily armed Bad Guys.

Hooked up my Nexus to the Internet radio and played some tunes through its speakers, starting with Rose Sirinthip's bilingual (Thai/Spanish) A Tu Corazon. Aka สู่กลางใจเธอ (To The Center Of Your Heart).  Then looked for Antje Duvekot's Dandelion but found the same title (different song) by Kacey Musgraves which I didn't want to hear right then, but played her Follow Your Arrow instead. Ditched the music player and launched YouTube and played Antje Duvekot's Dandelion but couldn't make out half the words. Internet radio's speakers are not that great. Then back to the music player and Uncle Bonzai's Just One Angel about three and a half times.

Went to the kitchen and poured a glass of lactose-free milk, into which I squeezed about 1/4" of chocolate syrup, which I did not mix in because I only wanted about half a glass of milk, but needed the chocolate in case I woke up at 4 am again with low blood sugar.

Back to the bedroom, pointed the internet radio to a Brahms station, but it was playing something decidedly not lulabye-ish. Switched to the Portland classical station, which was even worse. Some raucous symphony. WNEW, the DC news station usually puts me to sleep, but they had actual news about Obama's obscene fascination with Sarin gas, which he apparently smoked in high school, "but I didn't inhale".

Went back to the kitchen, drank half of the half remaining milk in the glass.

That sounds awkward. I drank half of what was left of the milk in the glass.

Not much better.

Back in bed, finished the book. The Nexus Kindle app does not have the "share/rate the book" feature. I would have given it "worth half price, slightly more if you are British and have a tea habit".

At that point Kaan hopped onto the bed. No, launched himself onto the bed. He curled up at the foot, well out of reach. :-(

It's now about 2 am, lights out, then back on again because I forgot to put on a breathe-right strip. Bathroom, did that, bed, eventual sleep.
Woke up with a slight headache. Almost felt like a cold coming on. Shower fixed that.

Morning Hgl was 187, a bit higher than I expected. At least I didn't go low overnight.

Somewhere in there I did laundry. Heavy stuff from yesterday went into the dryer and shirts went into the washing machine.

Work was a continuation of yesterday's adventure, still no clues what will duplicate the customer's issue. My vote is customer network equipment snafu.

Lunch at Togo's. Roast beef on sourdough with dijon mustard.

Straight home because it was a beautiful day but they are getting shorter. Patio, phone my Baltimore sister, who punctuated the conversation with Red Sox home run announcements. They were playing that French team. Sounds like Detritus. (I don't get that with Seattle area sister, because the Mariners are not even on her radar). Final score was 20-4, Boston.

Dinner was a few slices of ham from the freezer, the two ribs from yesterday's lunch, a croissant and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Watched Who Do You Think You Are? this one was Trisha Yearwood, who discovers that the ancestor on her father's side who immigrated to the New World in the mid-1700s was a poacher who was sentenced to hang, but got transported to Georgia colony instead, and by lots of con artistry managed to become one of the wealthiest land owners in the county. Putnam County. Except he was illiterate, so no relationship to the spelling bee.

Played on FB some.

I am incensed at this spear-shaking being done by our Peace Prize winning President and Peacenik anti-war demonstrator Vietnam Vet secretary of state. There is nothing we can do to Syria which will not kill innocent people, and make El Quaida stronger. Nothing.

Wanted to post something on Facebook. I was looking for George Washington's farewell address quote warming against foreign entanglements, but it is about Europe, very specifically. Instead I found this:

"We will show the courage to try and resolve our differences with other nations peacefully –- not because we are naïve about the dangers we face, but because engagement can more durably lift suspicion and fear. "
- Barak Obama, Inaugural Address
January 21, 2013
Lying asshat.
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