Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another sleepless night

And throw in some breathing anxiety to boot. No idea where that all came from. Minor, but somewhat frightening.

Was physically late for work, but technically early because I checked my project via VPN at about 8 am.

Work was another day of waiting for nothing to happen.

Lunchtime was taken up with a manicure. Michelle is a knockout, very photogenic, she showed me some photos on her phone which were taken of her recently, I told her she's prettier than that. I tried to pull up my "models" collection on the Flickr app, but they have stopped supporting the collections feature. Boo, hiss, FAIL. So when I got back to work I filled some of the waiting with building a set of a sampling of my models photos.


If I had known the footballo game was going to be delayed on account of imaginary lightning, I would have stopped off at Safeway, but went straight home and started watching the in-progress Tivo recording. Just after halftime my FF caught up with real time, so I finished dinner and went on the computer. Will finish watching as soon as I post this.

Plans for tomorrow:
Tags: football, work

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